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Beyond The Oxus: The Central Asians Long The Banks Of The River Once Called Oxus Lie The Heartlands Of Central Asia Uzbekistan And Tajikistan Cata Pulted Into The News By Events In Afghanistan, Just Across The Water, These Strategically Important, Intriguing, And Beautiful Countries Remain Almost Completely Unknown To The Outside World In This Book, Monica Whitlock Takes Us Far Beyond The Common Clichs And Prejudices About Both The Soviet Union And The Muslim World To Reveal A Much Richer And Interesting Reality Using Eyewitness Accounts, Unpublished Letters, And Firsthand Reporting, She Illuminates The Lives Of The Central Asians And Reveals A Dramatic And Moving Human Story That Unfolds Across Three Generations Beyond The Oxus Is Both A Chronicle Of A Century And A Clear Eyed, Authoritative View Of Contemporary Events

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    Al Hakim was a Muslim when Islam was still a relatively new religion, newer still in this part of the world It arrived with the Arab armies who came east as raiders in the middle of the seventh century, after the

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    Land Beyond the River is one of the best non academic books written about Tajikistan.

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    Monica Whitlock was the BBC s Central Asia correspondent in the 1990s, back when there was some marginal interest in places outside Europe and North America where not many people were getting killed But even then t

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    In terms of an in depth and well researched work on the highly complex politics of Central Asia, I have to give this a 5 Being a rather lowbrow, non politically astute person albeit one with a fascination in this re

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    There is only few books about ex USSR republics in Central Asia This one had been on my wishlist for a long time and finally I had luck and found it for a reasonable price The book focuses especially on Tajikistan, w

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    Really good survey of Central Asia it s by a journalist, but has been on my list for a long time because I know scholars keep citing it approvingly It focuses mainly on Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Afghanistan, and thou

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    I found this book to be very uneven Some parts were quite interesting, following individuals paths across the various republics of central asia, illustrating how political events impact everyday people But, other parts

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    This is a very interesting history of a part of the world that s been invisible to me up to now There s a nice balance of personal anecdotes andgeneral accountings of the facts The time spans from before the Soviet Unio

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    this is a great book and i recommend it to everyone

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    yet another eye opener

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