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American Wife On What Might Become One Of The Most Significant Days In Her Husband S Presidency, Alice Blackwell Considers The Strange And Unlikely Path That Has Led Her To The White House And The Repercussions Of A Life Lived, As She Puts It, Almost In Opposition To Itself A Kind, Bookish Only Child Born In The S, Alice Learned The Virtues Of Politeness Early On From Her Stolid Parents And Small Wisconsin Hometown But A Tragic Accident When She Was Seventeen Shattered Her Identity And Made Her Understand The Fragility Of Life And The Tenuousness Of Luck So Than A Decade Later, When She Meets Boisterous, Charismatic Charlie Blackwell, She Hardly Gives Him A Second Look She Is Serious And Thoughtful, And He Would Rather Crack A Joke Than Offer A Real Insight He Is The Wealthy Son Of A Bastion Family Of The Republican Party, And She Is A School Librarian And Registered Democrat Comfortable In Her Quiet And Unassuming Life, She Feels Inured To His Charms And Then, Much To Her Surprise, Alice Falls For CharlieAs Alice Learns To Make Her Way Amid The Clannish Energy And Smug Confidence Of The Blackwell Family, Navigating The Strange Rituals Of Their Country Club And Summer Estate, She Remains Uneasy With Her Newfound Good Fortune And When Charlie Eventually Becomes President, Alice Is Thrust Into A Position She Did Not Seek One Of Power And Influence, Privilege And Responsibility As Charlie S Tumultuous And Controversial Second Term In The White House Wears On, Alice Must Face Contradictions Years In The Making How Can She Both Love And Fundamentally Disagree With Her Husband How Complicit Has She Been In The Trajectory Of Her Own Life What Should She Do When Her Private Beliefs Run Against Her Public Persona In Alice Blackwell, New York Times Bestselling Author Curtis Sittenfeld Has Created Her Most Dynamic And Complex Heroine Yet American Wife Is A Gorgeously Written Novel That Weaves Class, Wealth, Race, And The Exigencies Of Fate Into A Brilliant Tapestry A Novel In Which The Unexpected Becomes Inevitable, And The Pleasures And Pain Of Intimacy And Love Are Laid Bare

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    Rarely am I so repulsed by a book while still able to honestly say that it wasn t completely awful I can t ignore the fact that Curtis Sittenfeld a woman by the way I didn t look at the picture in the book jacket and had a male author writing this in my head

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here I m a recent fan of Curtis Sittenfeld I hadn t read any of her work until I read Prep, but once I finished it, I wanted to read everything she wrote I was doubly intrigued when I fou

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    Boy did my opinions about this book change as I went along At first I found itof a pulpy beach read As it went along, it got into some deeper issues and I found myself thinking about a lot of the issues that Sittenfeld raised I can appreciate the fate of a woman who

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    As I said in my comments when I posted this book to my Currently Reading list, I ve never read Curtis before but an semi obsessed with novels about First Ladies and First Daughters Plus, I love wedding gowns That s right, I was suckered in by the wedding gown But come o

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    NO SPOILERS As she did with Prep, Curtis Sittenfeld tackled privilege in general and, to a lesser extent, white privilege, in this sweeping novel American Wife is based loosely on the life of Laura Bush loosely being the operative word Sittenfeld took the most notable event

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    The first 439 pages of this novel merit 5 stars Alas When our American wife makes it to the White House, the story falls flat on its face.Anyway, this is the engrossing and somewhat trashy tale of Alice Lindgren Blackwell, future first lady Growing up in a small Wisconsin town,

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    Even a couple hundred pages into this Laura Bush inspired novel, I wouldn t have rated it 5 stars It felt like a bland pudding of a book, soothing, but over stuffed with stultifying detail of Alice s daily life And Alice Passive, timid, meek, blank, diffident, weak.infuriatingly un

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    This book is a fabulous read and as far as I can gather, inspired by a sentiment I can understand well Fascination with Laura Bush I certainly don t share enough fascination to have written a novel about her, but even from my own experience of meeting her VERY briefly, she is incredibl

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    Wow One of the best books I ve read this year.Just forget what you might have heard about this book being a mirror of the life of Laura Bush it is, but , it s really about the life of one woman, and purely on its own merits as a novel, it s moving, thoughtful and wonderfully wrought The au

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    I will have to go for two stars on this one This biographical fictional tale of Laura Bush started out five stars, but finally fell flat in the last third of the book I struggled to finish.I also feel uncomfortable with the repulsive, salacious details provided, although the author claimed tha

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About the Author: Curtis Sittenfeld

Curtis Sittenfeld is the author of the new novel Eligible, a modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice due out April 2016 as well as the bestselling novels Sisterland, American Wife, Prep, and The Man of My Dreams, which have been translated into twenty five languages Curtis s writing has appeared in many publications, including The Atlantic, The New York Times, Vanity Fair, Time, Slate, Glamour, and on public radio s This American Life A graduate of Stanford University and the Iowa Writers Workshop, she currently lives in St Louis, MO.

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