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Graffiti (and Other Poems) Savannah Brown S First Collection Of Poetry Is A Vulnerable Account Of Adolescence From Someone In The Thick Of It Written Between The Ages Of Sixteen And Eighteen, With Examinations Of Anxiety, Death, First Loves, And First Lusts, GRAFFITI Extends A Hand To Those Undergoing The Trials And Uncertainty Of Teenagehood, And Assures Them They Re Not Alone

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    This collection 1 zorched me into so many of the feelings I had as a teenager, 2 renewed my hope in the idea of YouTuber books, and 3 made me excited to getpoetry from Savannah

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    Every review on poetry I have done up to this point had some remark like poetry is an artform that is meant to be gazed upon and felt, not understood It always felt unaccessible like walking through a castle and loving the fact that you can try to make up stories about how they used to live back in the day, but being unable to make up a story that would have a true representation of that time Turns out I ve

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    i started by trying to find pieces of myself in all of sav s words, but being in someone else s head was comforting, in that weird way that only poetry is

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    I love Sav s poems so much They re hauntingly beautiful and will most likely resonate with me for days.

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    I woke up wanting to finish this book today for some odd reason I first started it in 2016 when she released it never finished it because in all honesty, I did not have the vocabulary for it at the time I didn t have the reading comprehension skills either This time though, OH YES I DID And I LOVED IT I read this in one sitting this morning as it s a very short 65 page book I really love how when I read Savannah s work, I can hear her so

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    This AMAZING book was gifted to me by my forever bae, Beez It s also signed by the author and there s a coffee stain on the front cover Thaaanks Bae.The BloggoThis book is the kind of book you read in your twenties Reading it reminded me of my teenage years and it also reminded me of who I am now and who I am yet to be Definitely, the poetry book I would recommend THE MOST to anyone It s bound to take you to a trip down memory lane, all the sweet,

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    2.5 5 I think Savannah Brown is definitely a talented poet with potential, but I think this collection lacked While occasionally there was some nice imagery, most of the poems lacked anything concrete to make them not personal poems I also found the almost full omission of commas and periods distracting when you take out those things it should be done with an intention of creating a sense of confusion There were a few poems with a lot of potential though, a

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    This beautiful little collection took my breath away and I will hold it close to my heart and read it again, and again, and again My favourite poetry collection The poems were long poems with beautiful illustrations and explored the poets life growing up, from the ages of 17 19 Being 18 years old myself, I could really connect with this collection and I found the poems so beautiful The poems centre around themes of love, family, breakup, the future, the struggles of

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    I wanted to like this bookthan I did I was so excited and immediately preordered a copy and got it specially signed for me I m a big fan of Savannah s YouTube channel where she reads these poems but on paper, the writing is nothing particularly special or mind blowing HOWEVER, when these poems are performed or read aloud, it sounds pretty good I think this would ve been a great audio book but not a collection of poetry I will be reaching for again anytime soon I will continue

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    This was a pleasantry enjoyable book of poetry with some interesting illustrations I started following Savannah s YouTube channel a few months ago because of her poetry and was glad to see that she had a book release, I took that opportunity to snap it up I ve read through it a few times now and thus far my favourite is burgundy walls she puts into poetry something that many of us do when we take a stroll through our own neighbourhoods.

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