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In the Nick of Time Charlotte Is Out In The Woods On Her Own One Day When Something Mysterious Happens She Walks Along A Row Of Stones Laid Like Stepping Stones On The Forest Floor And Finds Herself In Another Age She Has Somehow Slipped Back To 1955, And Is Now, In The Same Woods, On The Site Of A Very Unique School, An Open Air School For Sick City Children No One Believes Her Tales Of The World She S Come From, Her Mobile Doesn T Work And She Can T See How On Earth She S Going To Get Back A Friendship With Another Pupil Proves The Key Is Jack Than He Seems Interesting we read it in class and have a final exam on it In the nick of time is a wonderful book It is about Charlotte and her best friend Pip are having a stroll in the woods Suddenly she falls down and hits her head She then travels in the nick of time1 From 2007, she reaches to 1962 where everyone think that she is a girl called Joyce Ingram So she and her new friend Jack escape from the school and try to reach the real Joyce Ingram s house Just then the teachers of the school reach them exactly at Joyce Ingram s house They enter the house and find out that Charlotte isn t actually Joyce Ingram She is taken back to the school for shelter and she keeps on trying to tell the people that she is from 2007 but the people think she has amnesia Later, Jack finds a dinosaur fossil and shows it to Newberry, one of the teachers, and he is so fascinated People are soon coming to pick Charlotte and take her to a private home for children Newberry then makes a timeline with leaves and stones He pretends that he is moving through time At that time My daughter chose this book at the library and I read it to ensure that it would be OK for her It would be in a few years she is only 7 Quick, easy story, sprinkled with history I really enjoyed it and think my daughter will too. This book is really good, and the ending is haunting

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