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Christopher Wilder: The True Story of The Beauty Queen Killer Of All The Many Psychopaths And Sociopaths That Have Hunted For Human Victims Throughout History, Few Have Been Disturbing Or Mysterious Than Christopher Bernard Wilder The Beauty Queen Killer From The Middle Of The S Until , Wilder Sexually Assaulted Countless Women And Murdered At Least Nine In Australia And The United States The Beauty Queen Killer Was Not Only A True Psychopath, But Also A Hunter As He Carefully Chose Attractive Girls And Young Women To Victimize But Wilder Was No Creepy Looking Killer He Was An Attractive, Articulate Man Who Used A Camera And Offers Of A Modelling Career To Get His Unsuspecting, Na Ve Victims To Remote Locations Where He Would Then Rape, Torture, And Ultimately Kill Them Among Serial Killer Biographies, Wilder S Is A Cautionary Tale First As A Juvenile And Later As A Young Man, Wilder Was Arrested On Numerous Occasions For Sexual Assaults In Both Australia And United States But He Never Served Any Time Behind Bars Due To Technicalities, Witnesses Refusing To Testify, Or The Judges Showing Sympathy Towards The Beauty Queen Killer When One Considers Some Of The Better Known American Crime Stories From History, Many Red Flags Are Apparent That Point Towards The Future Criminal Potential Of An Individual For Wilder, The Flags Were Bright, Crimson, Quite Large, And Difficult To Avoid, Yet Were Ignored By His Friends, Family, And The Authorities Christopher Wilder S Saga Is Therefore Not Just A True Crime Murder Story, But Also An Unfortunate Example Of How The System Can Fail To Protect The Public From A Known Sexual Sadist Open The Pages Of This Intriguing Book And Read The Story Of An American Serial Killer Who Had It All Looks, Money, And Beautiful Women But As This Captivating True Crime Story Will Reveal, Nothing Was Ever Enough For The Beauty Queen Killer As He Killed His Way Across The United States In Order To Satisfy His Sadistic Lust Aspects Of The Christopher Bernard Wilder Story Will Disturb You, But At The Same Time You Will Find It Difficult To Put This Serial Killer Biography Down Because You Will Be Drawn In By The FBI S Hunt To Capture The Elusive Criminal

About the Author: Jack Rosewood

I live in one of the most beautiful places in Florida, Jupiter, with my wife, two kids and our golden retriever, Vincent I ve been a full time author for the last 15 years and I wouldn t trade it against anything in the world My father was a journalist and wrote about some of the worst crimes you could ever imagine, and that s where my big interest from serial killers and other horrible crimes comes from Just to hear my father talk about the evil acts of Ted Bundy as we were out fishing as a kid are some of my best memories.

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    The life times of the serial killer Christopher Bernard Wilder aka beauty queen killer.Warning This book contains extremely graphic adult content, violence, or expletive language or uncensored sexually explicit material which is only suitable for mature readers It may be offensive to some readers I did not receive any type of compe

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    The thing with this book is that they didn t have much to work on Wilder didn t live to tell the tale and didn t leave behind anything to give a hint about his motivations So, you can tell, in this book, that all they have is witness accounts and police speculation That being said, there are some pretty big coincidences that seem to point t

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    I made the mistake of reading a newer release of this story and just got the impression it was salacious and hotchpotch to some degreewas told about this edition and so glad I read itthis tells the tragic story with integrity

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    Definitely lacking in details And am I the only one that thinks exclamation points in true crime books are inappropriate

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    I find it amazing many serial killer have existed in our society, serial killer who have vanished into the history of serial killers here in the United States and elsewhere, whothe most part have faded into the history of sadistic, heinous murders.Unlike most of the individuals covered so far by the author, an examination, as Mr Rosewood wrote, In fact, an examinatio

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    An Excellent History Of A Serial Killer Author Jack Rosewood does a great job in researching files about serial killers Some of the killers are well known, but there are many who haven t hit the big time publicity Here, Australian born Christopher Bernard Wilder was sexually assaulting many girls and young women in both Australia and the United States He became active as a te

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    Once again we receive an interesting view into the mind of another serial killer Some may want to prefer calling this perpetrator a spree killer.I liked the book and the information Mr Rosewood provides us with about this case But I have my doubts that Mr Wilder ever had a near death experience You can visit my blog to figure out how come I suspect this You find the link to my blog un

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    Creepy story This was a really creepy story Well written for the most part The only thing I would change is possibly putting the back stories about the same killer as the story happens not after the end I thought the book was over and I almost skipped interesting information about the serial killer himself Would definitely readbook by this author though.

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    Interesting story, but poorly written.This book needs a great deal of editing It is full of poor sentence structure and grammatical errors One potential victim is described as having a photogenic personality.

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    Too many uncertainties, but I guess that was part of the story.

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