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The Marriage Debt Shannon S Career As A Film Director Is Gaining Momentum And A New Project Offers The Chance Of Becoming An International Success But The Film Will Need Millions Of Dollars In Funding, And The Only Person Shannon Knows With That Kind Of Money Is Her Estranged Husband Millionaire Devin KeynesDevin Agrees To Fund Shannon S Movie On One Condition That She Give Their Marriage Another Chance She Reluctantly Accepts His Offer But This Is Just The Start Of Devin S Plan After Bribery Comes Seduction

About the Author: Daphne Clair

Daphne Clair de Jong decided to be a writer when she was eight years old and won her first literary prize for a school essay Her first short story was published when she was sixteen and she s been writing and publishing ever since Nowadays she earns her living from writing, something her well meaning teachers and guidance counsellors warned her she would never achieve in New Zealand Her short stories have appeared in many magazines and anthologies, and a collection of them was presented in Crossing the Bar, published by David Ling, where they garnered wide praise In 1976, Daphne s first full length romantic novel was published by Mills Boon as Return to Love Since then she has produced a steady output of romance set in New Zealand, occasionally Australia or on imaginary Pacific islands As Laurey Bright she also writes for Silhouette Books Her romances often appear on American stores romance best seller lists and she has been a Rita contest finalist, as well as winning and being placed in several other romance writing contests Her other writing includes non fiction, poetry and long historical fiction, She also is an active defender of the ideology of Feminists for Life, and she has written articles about it Since then she has won other literary prizes both in her native New Zealand and other countries These include the prestigious Katherine Mansfield Short Story Award, with Dying Light, a story about Alzheimer s Disease, which was filmed by Robyn Murphy Productions and shown at film festivals in several countries Starring Sara McLeod, Sam s wife in Lord of the Rings Daphne is often asked to tutor courses in creative writing, and with Robyn Donald she teachs romance writing weekend courses in her home in the winterless north of in New Zealand Daphne lives with her Netherlands born husband in a farmlet, grazing livestock, growing their own fruit and vegetables and making their large home available to other writers as a centre for writers workshops and retreats Their five children, one of them an orphan from Hong Kong, have left home but drift back at irregular intervals She enjoys cooking special meals but her cake making is limited to three never fail recipes Her children maintain they have no memory of her baking for them except on birthdays, when she would produce, on request, cakes shaped into trains, clowns, fairytale houses and, once, even a windmill, in deference to their Dutch heritage from their father Daphne frequently makes and breaks resolutions to indulge in some hearty outdoor activity, and loves to sniff strong black coffee but never drinks it After a day at her desk she will happily watch re runs of favourite TV shows Usually she goes to bed early with a book which may be anything from a paperback romance or suspense novel to history, sociology or literary theory.

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    Second chance story H h have been estranged for 3 years Heroine is a director and wealthy hero runs his own business They broke up because the heroine wanted to pursue her career and the hero wanted her to himself When the heroine miscarried, they grew even further apart The story opens when the heroine realizes she won t be able to make the movie she wants if she doesn

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    It s rare, even impossible, to find a HPlandia hero that I could feel sorry for, but this very thing occurred when I read Daphne Clair s The Marriage Debt It was so obvious that he was completely, desperately in love with his estranged wife, and it was all thepoignant because he was such a strong, stoic, stiff upper lip and prideful guy but ended up begging and groveling to get h

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    3 Stars Three years ago when Shannon left her husband to go on a film location she just never went home again Devin had never taken her career in film direction seriously and when she d become pregnant he d battled with her to quit her job not understanding that you can t just walk away in the middle of production And then when she miscarried at four months, she felt he blamed her and nei

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    Didn t like heroineShe really annoyed me You could tell that Devin loved her but she was just so mean I really hated how she kept pushing him away It was frustrating They don t even really make up until the end He was good enough to borrow money from But not good enough for her to keep to her side of the bargain I understood her reluctance somewhat but she went way over the top I am glad it worked

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    Shannon s career as a film director is gaining momentum and a new project offers the chance of becoming an international success But the film will need millions of dollars in funding, and the only person Shannon knows with that kind of money is her estranged husband millionaire Devin Keynes.Devin agrees to fund Shannon s movie on one condition that she give their marriage another chance She reluctantly acc

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    Le do el 20 10 20114.5 estrellas

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    3,5 5

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here this was a good story about 2 people that loved each other but struggled to communicate, lacked faith and were independent strong characters The H is a from a rich family who struck out on his own and made his own name and money The h was poor but made something of herself as a film director.The 2 met, fell in love and married and this story is reunion s

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