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Her Best Friend's Husband (Silhouette Intimate Moments) Download Her Best Friend S Husband Silhouette Intimate Moments Author Justine Davis Pccare247.us Gabriel Taggert Former Naval Officer, Man Of Honor And Her Best Friend S Husband Cara Thorpe S Feelings For The One Man She Could Never Have Had Always Been Her Own Shameful Secret And When Her Best Friend Disappeared Without A Trace, She Lost Them Both Until A Postcard Arrived, Eight Years Late Receiving An Eight Year Old Message From Her Best Friend Was Disturbing Enough Now Cara Had To Face The Man She D Quietly Loved For Years Would Teaming Up With Gabe On A Dangerous Hunt For The Truth Jeopardize Their Own Lives And The Chance For A Future Together

About the Author: Justine Davis

Author biographies are supposed to give you all those statistics, books written, awards won, etc and I will, I promisebut first let me tell you about this ornery little tomboy back then, the boys had all the fun who was always the one to make up the stories the neighborhood kids would play For those who came of age in the computer game era, this is something that was done usually in th

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    So the writing was solid But I m having trouble not feeling queasy over the premise The characters are uncomfortable with the idea that the heroine is in love with her dead best friend s husband That makes three of us They come to all kinds of useful r

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    Cara Thorpe fell in love with Gabriel Taggert the moment she met him Unfortunately then, he was her best friend s boyfriend, hence untouchable Later he became her best friend s husband And even after Hope Taggert vanished into thin air after six years of marr

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    SRS 1525 4 stars

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    I thought it was a good story and I did find it difficult to put this one down.

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    I needed something easy to read that would be a quick story and found that I had this book for many years but hadn t read it This was a good story so I just sat down and read it all the way through.I liked Gabriel Taggert and Cara Thorpe as they reunited after Gabe s wife and Cara s bes

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    Exactly what I was in the mood for.

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