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Chains of Command A dead cop A dirty precinct A dangerous investigation It all adds up to the most sensational police novel of William J Caunitz s incredible lifetime career

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    Well written if not totally original police procedural William Caunitz s last book He died before completing it and it was finished by Christopher Newman per the family s request An N.Y.P.D Lieutenant is sent into a precinct to be t

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    THe author died halfway through writing this book and the rest was ghostwritten Pity It had the thread of a good story and it appears like Caunitz was considering a series But it doesn t feel like it s the same story as when he started

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    Fast paced with a lot of police procedural descriptions that I found interesting and informative.

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    Read for genre study crimes and capers.

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    An excellent procedural based on NYPD s practices, and quite an interesting story overall Matt Stuart is placed in a precinct that is particularly crime ridden to investigate the murder of a cop, and in a matter of days discovers an underlying gang

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    Excellent book about corruption in the NYPD, the struggles in the streets for respect, organized crime wars and how some can stay above it all and others make tough choices The author retired from the NYPD after 30 years on The Job Highly recommended f

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    In this 1999 NYPD novel Lt Matthew Stuart Pigtown 1995 is transferred to Harlem s 37th Pct by his former lover, the First Deputy Commissioner, to investigate the reports of dirty cops He finds cop killers, killer cops, and major drug dealers in conflict.

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    Audiobook narrated by Frank Muller This has every ingredient a reader could ask for in a story about organized crime gangs and a daring police detective along with a compelling narration.

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    A police novel about New York City A gang controls the drug trade in the 37th Precinct When violence breaks out, Lieutenant Matthew Stuart is sent in to solve the problem.

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About the Author: William J. Caunitz

William J Caunitz was a New York City Police Department officer who used his own experiences to write best selling thrillers After serving in the United States Marine Corps, and working for an insurance company, he joined the NYPD in his twenties He first worked as a patrolman, and eventually rose through the ranks to become a Lieutenant, followed by an assignment as a detective squad commander.Caunitz would eventually serve 30 years with the N.Y.P.D Caunitz was praised for his raw authenticity when describing precinct day to day life in his novels, especially forOne Police Plaza , which was eventually made into a television movie His novels usually center around one or two police officers that follow detailed police procedures to solve a crime, and he also used some sensational elements of thrillers.Caunitz died in 1996 from pulmonary fibrosis His last novel, Chains of Command, was half completed at the time of his death and finished by Christopher Newman.

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