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Ballistics A Billy Collins Poem Is Instantly Recognizable Using Simple, Understandable Language, Notes USA Today, The Two Term U.S Poet Laureate Captures Ordinary Life Its Pleasure, Its Discontents, Its Moments Of Sadness And Of Joy His Everyman Approach To Writing Resonates With Readers Everywhere And Generates Fans Who Would Otherwise Never Give A Poem A Second Glance Now, In This Stunning New Collection, Collins Touches On A Greater Array Of Subjects Love, Death, Solitude, Youth, And Aging Delving Deeper Than Ever Before Ballistics Comes At The Reader Full Force With Moving And Playful Takes On Life Drawing Inspiration From The World Around Him And From Such Poetic Forebears As Robert Frost, Paul Valery, And Eleventh Century Poet Liu Yung, Collins Drolly Captures The Essence Of An Ordinary Afternoon All I Do These Drawn Out Daysis Sit In My Kitchen At Pheasant Ridgewhere There Are No Pheasants To Be Seenand, Last Time I Looked, No Ridge Collins Reflects On His Solitude If I Lived Across The Street From Myselfand I Was Sitting In The Darkon The Edge Of The Bedat Five O Clock In The Morning, I Might Be Wondering What The Lightwas Doing On In My Study At This Hour And He Meditates On The Effects Of Love It Turns Everything Into A Symbollike A Storm That Breaks Loosein The Final Chapter Of A Long Novel And It May Add Sparkle To A Morning, Or Deepen A Night When The Bed Is Ringed With Fire As Collins Strives To Find Truth In The Smallest Detail, Readers Are Given A Fascinating, Intimate Glimpse Into The Heart And Soul Of A Brilliantly Thoughtful Man And Exemplary Poet.

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    Collins once told an interviewer, I think what really happened psychologically is that I started off writing in the voice of my father wise cracking and only later did I find a way to admit my mother generous, empathetic And I didn t e

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    Oh,My God Not only in church and nightly by their bedsides do young girls pray these days Wherever they go, prayer is woven into their talk Like a bright thread of awe Even at the pedestrian mall outbursts of praise Spring unbidden from

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    What can I say It s another volume of wonderful poetry from Billy Collins, a man who notices the tiniest detail and bothers to remark on it He makes the quiet and mundane seem magnificent and precious And you know what It damn well is My

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    I enjoyed Collins book PICNIC, LIGHTNING, but this new one while having a few strong lines seemsself indulgent than usual There s almost a whining quality to it that bothered me He s often compared to Frost, since he uses very accessible

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    I had no idea I would love this as much as I did, when I picked it up from my university s library I just wanted to read some poetry, something that I haven t seen before, and definitely not classics, because I usually don t read poetry in

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    I was actually fairly worried this go round with Collins at first The first three parts contained a handful of great pieces The Four Moon Planet , Quiet , New Year s Day , etc , and I feared I d have to give my favorite poet a 3 or 4 star T

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    Billy Collins does it again His most recent collection of poems hits it out of the ballpark Collins is witty and sardonic, he takes the mundane and transforms it into extraordinary After reading his poems, I often find myself wanting to exam

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    I don t remember Billy Collins showing a dark side But Ballistics does throw a shadow I d guess he s experienced a personal setback More than one poem here concerns death, one is entitled Separation, and it s followed by Despair and The Morta

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    In Ballistics, the reader will happily find the Billy Collins of his or her previous acquaintance whimsical, thoughtful, and hauntingly eloquent As a collection, the poems of Ballistics flow together nicely, but then, there s always something

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    I think for the most part we have all figured out where we stand on Billy Collins His poems either work for you or they don t I dearly love him I ve known others, people who have earned my respect and continue to to this day, that cannot stand

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