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The Book of Lies In Chapter Four Of The Bible, Cain Kills Abel It Is The World S Most Famous Murder But The Bible Is Silent About One Key Detail The Weapon Cain Used To Kill His Brother That Weapon Is Still Lost To History In 1932, Mitchell Siegel Was Killed By Three Gunshots To His Chest While Mourning, His Son Dreamed Of A Bulletproof Man And Created The World S Greatest Hero Superman And Like Cain S Murder Weapon, The Gun Used In This Unsolved Murder Has Never Been Found.Today In Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Cal Harper Comes Face To Face With His Own Family Tragedy His Long Missing Father Has Been Shot With A Gun That Traces Back To Mitchell Siegel S 1932 Murder But Soon After Their Surprising Reunion, Cal And His Father Are Attacked By A Ruthless Killer Tattooed With The Ancient Markings Of Cain.So Begins The Chase For The World S First Murder Weapon It Is A Race That Will Pull Cal Back Into His Own Past Even As It Propels Him Forward Through The True Story Of Cain And Abel, An Eighty Year Old Unsolvable Puzzle, And The Deadly Organization Known For The Past Century As The Leadership.What Does Cain, History S Greatest Villain, Have To Do With Superman, The World S Greatest Hero And What Do Two Murders, Committed Thousands Of Years Apart, Have In Common This Is The Mystery At The Heart Of Brad Meltzer S New Thriller.

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    Two and half stars.I hate Nazis I hate them on principle and I hate them when they re used by a lazy writer as a convenient threat If I were a GIF guy, I would have inserted Harrison Ford Indiana Jones saying, I hate Nazis right about here Combine Nazis with the occult, as Meltzer does here, and you have the crappy TV fare that runs frequently on what my wife calls the Hitler channel As in Wife

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    Give Brad Metlzer props for his ambition Some writers would be content to merely create a conspiracy laden story about the first murder in history, that of Abel by his brother Cain Others would be intrigued to explore the alleged murder of Mitchell Seigel and how that lead to the creation of the most recognized superhero in the world, Superman The Book of Lies focues on the mysteries surrounding bot

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    Oh man, I wanted so very much to like this book Honestly, it s in a no man s land between 2 stars It was OK and 3 I liked it I liked parts I love adore the concept But the execution does NOT match the level of expectation I have.It s not that Meltzer is a bad writer The closest and easiest also laziest comparison that you could make to this book would be Dan Brown s Da Vinci Code or Angels and Demons ta

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    Having never read Brad Meltzer before, the dust jacket art and title intrigued me enough to try it out Now having read it, said Huh , then looked at other reviewers comments I might try another Meltzer, but will have to rest before the attem...

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    Joss Whedon led me astry when he was in a commercial for this Juvenile plot with two dimensional characters that somehow seem to bust conspiracies with the power of Google and Wkipaedia The characters just run into answers without showing any skill in acquiring the...

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    This New York Times Bestseller offers a compelling premise a close tie between the creation of Superman and Cain s murder of his brother Abel that in the end suffered due to a predictable ending and strained tension return return In modern day Fort Lauderdale, Cal Harper is forced to confront his past when he finds his estranged father bleeding out in a park The former ICE agent is curious that his father holds a s

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    People actually pay money for this drivel I ve read better writing from 8th graders Meltzer displays just about every amateur writing trait that I can think of he s really heavy on exposition he withholds information that the point of view character knows, just to artificially create false tension his dialog sounds like it comes straight from a soap opera he relies on melodrama instead of actual drama his characters ar

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    I chose to read this book because of Meltzer s research into the events behind the creation of Superman This research would have made a very interesting nonfiction book, but the author chose to surround it with a thriller.I ve determined that I really hate thrillers, because they seem to be universally terrible, and not written for people like me Somebody can come along and write a thriller about everything I love in the w

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    This book was absolutely fantasic The pages just flew by I read it in a day and a half because I had such a hard time putting it down I kept telling myself that I d only read onechapter and that d be it..ha That sure didn t work The book was smart, fast paced, and every chapter left me wantingI just had to find out what happened and what it all meant I think his Decoded show is fasinating, and this book was no diffenrent.If yo

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    I LOVE Decoded, a History Channel special I had never heard of this author before the TV show Saw this book at Borders for a great price, cheaper than onKindle, and wanted to try out this author First book I have ever read from this author so I ll let you know what I think of it Great book Liked it very much I like the archelogist mystery type books so this was right up my alley Like that though this was fiction, a little, just a

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