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The Nonesuch STARTLING NEWSWhen They Learned That Sir Waldo Hawkridge Was Coming, The Village Gentry Were Thrown Into A Flurry The Famed Sportsman Himself Heir To An Uncounted Fortune, And A Leader Of London Society The Local Youths Idolized The Nonesuch The Fathers Disapproved And The Mothers And Daughters Saw Him As The Most Eligible And Elusive Man In The Kingdom.But One Person Remained Calm When She Became A Governess, Ancilla Trent Had Put Away Romance, And At First She Could Only Be Amused At The Fuss Over Sir Waldo But When He Ignored The Well Born Beauties Of The District, A Shocking Question Began To Form Could The Celebrated Gentleman Be Courting Her

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    3 1 2 stars I don t always care for Georgette Heyer s heroes and heroines, but this is a very likeable pair even if their names make me wince the witty, intelligent and kind Sir Waldo also young and handsome, though you wouldn t guess it from his name and the honorable, even tempered and also intelligent Ancilla Trent, a lady in Reduced Circumstances who is now w

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    COD s head, nodcock , rumgumption, canker, toplofty, coxcomb, chuckle headed, ninnyhammered, fubsy faced, widgeon, fribble , chuck farthing, miff maff, sapskull , baffle headed clunch Who couldn t enjoy a book with such colourful language I really enjoyed this story Tiffany was an ab...

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    Contains spoilers 4.5 starsThings I loved 1 Sir Waldo I mean what s not to like He s handsome, rich, athletic, virtuous, idolized and a PHILANTHROPIST Finally a perfect hero who doesn t cringe at the mere mention of paupers He wants his newly inherited estate, Broom Hall, to become a school for young orphan boys Needless to say he won my deepest respect from the first and

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    3.5I feel cheated by the abrupt ending It doesn t even end with the two main characters That being said, it surprised me how much I enjoyed this book There is no real plot one could point out The Nonesuch s strength are its characters.Some of them are adorably lovely I loved Julian , some hilariously childish and greedy Laurie , gossipy and mean some of the village matrons , go

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    Many people couldn t stand Tiffany She s hands down the most nasty female character I ve read in Heyer s universe Maybe because I d been prepared by people s irritation of her, I found Tiffany s absolute self absorption and selfishness very entertaining Every scene with her, whether it s throwing temper tantrum or merely opening her mouth, gave me a good laugh Reading men of quality

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    I just love Georgette Heyer This is a 5 star book of hers for completely different reasons then Arabella , Frederica or The Grand Sophie all favorite Heyer books , yet it s not quite the same as These Old Shades or Devil s Cub My two other favorites The first three and several others of hers always have me laughing out loud when I read The last two, are romances that make my heart beat j

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    1 Infinitely curious if the Bernard Trent mentioned in this novel one of Miss Ancilla Trent s notorious cousins inspired Loretta Chase and her notorious Bernie Trent in the Scoundrels series NEW PERSONAL CANON.2 What I love about Heyer is her romances and th...

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    Another Heyer I ve re read many times over the years Tis a slightly older couple romance I like the sensible heroine, and envy her endless patience, though am slightly irritated by how uptight and prudish she is The character drawing of the annoying Beauty is so spot on, I cringe every time I read her The hero is, naturally, pe...

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    3.5 stars Very enjoyable, only the ending was a little abrupt Heyer typically ends with the marriage proposal, and we actually get a few pages past that in this book, but I felt like some of the secondary characters were left hanging.Thi...

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    Another sensible heroine and a marvellously insufferable younger charge The mutual falling in love part happens quite early, and we need a big misunderstanding to delay the conclusion of the story.Tiffany the charge really is a revolting girl, but I was interested in the section, early on, where Tiffany points out that...

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