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Flash Tm5 Weekend Crash Course TM [With CDROM] This book gets readers up to speed with the latest version of Macromedia Flash in just a weekend It consists oflearning sessions over a period of three days Each session is designed to takeminutes to complete, so the Crash Course is an intensehour learning period beginning on Friday evening and ending on Sunday afternoon Naturally, readers can adapt their learning to whatever schedule best suits their needs, but the message that a reader with no prior programming experience can learn the language or development environment in one weekend will be carried throughout the book

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    I didn t complete this book but I totally got my need I gave it to my cosine because he isinterested in Flash he has time, too hope it helped him.by the way this idea of Weekend is very nice the book s lessons are divided in the weekends days so you just stick with that and you will be very good.

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