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Das Kapital: Der Produktionsprocess des Kapitals - Band I Capital, One Of Marx S Major And Most Influential Works, Was The Product Of Thirty Years Close Study Of The Capitalist Mode Of Production In England, The Most Advanced Industrial Society Of His Day This New Translation Of Volume One, The Only Volume To Be Completed And Edited By Marx Himself, Avoids Some Of The Mistakes That Have Marred Earlier Versions And Seeks To Do Justice To The Literary Qualities Of The Work The Introduction Is By Ernest Mandel, Author Of Late Capitalism, One Of The Only Comprehensive Attempts To Develop The Theoretical Legacy Of Capital.

About the Author: Karl Marx

Engels founded the Communist League in 1847 and published the Communist Manifesto After the failed revolution of 1848 in Germany, in which Marx participated, he eventually wound up in London Marx worked as foreign correspondent for several U.S publications His Das Kapital came out in three volumes 1867, 1885 and 1894 Marx organized the International and helped found the Social Democratic Party of Germany Although Marx was not religious,

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    I bought two copies of this book I gave one copy to my girlfriend We agreed to read it together We never did We broke up I still have a copy And so does she Karl Marx ruins relationships by putting undue pressure

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    Louis Althusser wrote a preface to a French translation of Capital and in it he gives lots of advice on how to read this book I recommend you read this book according to that advice, even if I didn t quite do that myself A

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    Do you know how many pages this is 1152 And worth every leaf on the tree A must read for anyone willing or wanting to wax grand about capitalism Picture it My first semester in graduate school Day two My professor goes over the syl

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    More than anything else, the genius of Marx lies in him having given us a dialectical framework for understanding and hopefully changing the world Is that too pretentious a way of putting it No, I don t think soA little over a hundre

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    Marx was a man badly in need of an editor For all of the financial, amiable, and intellectual support provided by Engels, one wishes that Engels had only he had been ruthless is cutting the fat from his partner s work This would have been easy enou

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    Great unfinished work of Karl Marx, Capital is the bible of the socialist and communist ideology Long, sometimes perilous, with some touches of redundancy in the way, the book nevertheless offers a vision of the still nascent industrial society in the West T

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    Let us finally imagine, for a change, an association of free men, working with the means of production held in common.

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    I had long avoided reading Das Kapital because I thought it would be too mathematically advanced for me Taking courses with the Marxist philosopher and mathematician, David Schweickart, induced me to make the effort since his assignments and my own readings of Marx had alread

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    An eye opener

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    I have to say, this joint is bangin I find it useful when I m in the club P.S Check out the total or expanded form of value It s defective

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