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His Secret Alaskan Heiress (Alaskan Grooms #5) Small Town SecretsFor Heiress Sophie Mattson, Moving To Remote Love, Alaska, Offers Her A Chance To Find People Who Care About Her Not Her Wealth The Townsfolk Quickly Take Sophie Under Their Wing, But It S Handsome Newcomer And Cook Noah Catalano Who Inspires Dreams Of Home And Family Sophie Fears Her Ruse May Drive A Wedge Between Thembut She Doesn T Know The Real Reason Noah Is In Alaska Hired By Sophie S Ex Fianc To Keep Tabs On Her, Undercover Private Investigator Noah Is Falling For His Assignment Is It Too Late To Overcome This Double Deception, Or Can Love Make A Believer Of Them Both

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    I love this series and get such a kick out of meeting up with the quirky townsfolk of Love, Alaska every time I visit And it s fun to catch up with previous heroes and heroines too This is the fifth book in the Alaskan Grooms series but reads like a standalone The only carryover comes in the form of Gra

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    His Secret Alaskan Heiress Alaskan Grooms is a new novel by Belle Calhoun It is the start of a new series which if this one is any indication, will be a tremendous success Love, Alaska was known for its Operation Love This was a movement to bring brides into this Alaskan town and marry them off to the men who liv

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    I am really enjoying this series from Belle Calhoune These characters are just so cute and fun and the way she describes the town makes you feel as if you are there and you know these characters Sophie and Noah are two people that prove that secrets can interfere with your life and potential happiness I don t want to tell

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    Sophie Mattson moves to Love, Alaska to escape marriage to John Sussex her dad s chief assistant at the coffee company her dad owns She gave up her credit cards, penthouse apartment, and money to get away from her now ex fianc She grew up as an only child of divorced parents.Noah Catalano is a private investigator hired by Sophie s

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    I ve been waiting for Sophie s story and this book didn t disappoint I ve really enjoyed all the other books in this series but I couldn t wait for Sophie s story She had a secret and I couldn t wait to find out about it She moved to Love, Alaska to be away from her controlling father and her ex fianc who were planning out her life for her H

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    Sophie and Noah are both under false pretenses in Love, Alaska She went there to escape from a high profile life and just be her He is there to spy on Sophie and report his findings back to her ex fianc They end up working at the Moose Caf together and fate steps in I truly loved Sophie s positive attitude and outlook on life She is a breath of fresh a

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    His Secret Alaskan Heiress by Belle Calhoune a Alaskan Grooms series Sophie Mattson s father is very very rich He wants her to marry a family friend Sophie doesn t have feelings for the man The man has lied and only want to marry Sophie for her money she will inherit Sophie s father believed the man loved Sophie and wanted the marriage to happen Sophie takes off

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    This is another fun, easy read in this series, with some great life lessons Like being comfortable in one s own skin, with who you are learning to forgive, even as we are forgiven realizing that everyone has hardships isn t immune from pain , but we can t blame God for them, and should chose to trust that God will use them for our own good I loved this line The good thing

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    In His Secret Alaskan Heiress by Belle Calhoune, Sophie Mattson has moved to Love, Alaska to start her life over, but when Noah Catalano enters the picture, can they make a relationship last or will their secrets come between them Not only does this book have a great storyline, but you will fall in love with the people and town of Love, Alaska I know I did I really enjoyed reading

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    I like these loved inspired books but this one I just couldn t like My number 1 issue is her need to tell us over and over he was doing this for his company and employees i believe 10 times Never says how many employees or whats going on to make you feel anything for his company and employees I couldn t help thinking what are all these other employees doing if this one job is going to keep h

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