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Collared This Is An Alternate Cover Edition For BFUAUZBY Diamonds Are A Dog S Best FriendHarper Sinclair Discovers That Her Champion, Award Winning Standard Poodle, Ch Edgewood Sky High Blue Is Missing Her , Diamond Dog Collar That Was Given To Her By Harper S Eccentric, Indulging Grandmother Along With Valuable Pieces Of Jewelry Harper Calls The Robbery Division Of The NYPD And Reports The Thefts The Detective They Send Is Surly And Tough With A Pair Of Brown Eyes That Make Even This Calm, Cool Socialite S Lungs Claw For AirRough And Tumble Detective Caleb Shaw Has Better Things To Do Than Run Over To The Penthouse Of A Frigging Socialite To Find A Frigging Collar For A Frigging Pampered Poodle Award Winning Or Not He Has Real Cases To Solve, But When He Gets A Load Of The Poodle S Owner, His Interest In The Caseheats Up Satin Sheets Or Not, He Wants Harper But There Is To This Robbery Than The Dog Collar Has Someone Close To Harper Pulled An Inside Job Can A Lovely Socialite Collar A Hard Boiled Detective Or Are They Worlds Apart

About the Author: Zoe Dawson

Newsletter sign up Dawson, the author of 40 books had always dreamed of becoming a full time romance writer Her other passions include traveling the world, owning a beach house she believes she was a mermaid in another life , and seeing her books in movies When she s not writing, she s painting or killing virtual MMORPG monsters in World of Warcraft She lives in North Carolina with her two grown children and one small, furry gray cat.

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    Collared by Zoe Dawson Book 4 Going to the Dogs series Source AuthorRating 5 5OK, I totally thought book three of this series, Hounded was going to be my favorite book and nothing would be able to top Poe and the Terrible Two but I stand corrected Although I didn t realize it until I started r

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    wow. I loved it..NO SPOILERS.Wow this is the first book I have read from Zoe Dawson and even tho this is book four in a series it didn t matter the story was really sweet and I got to know the characters very quickly as they fell in love with each other I fell in love with them too I m now going to r

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    These books are great and get better with each and every one They have made me think so much about how I got to know My best friend, Just like Haper,Poe,Callie Brooke met on a bench at a dog park, so did Me and My BFF J If you are an animal lover you will love these short stories and the craziness that foll

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    LOVELY STORY I really enjoyed this book Caleb was such a sweetheart He was very sexy, understanding and gentle with Harper and I really liked his personality Blue was so funny around Caleb and I really got a big kick out of reading about her and all the dogs As a dog lover I really like this series and have enjoye

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    Collared by Zoe DawsonGoing to the Dogs Series Book 4Harper Sinclair returns from her friends Vegas wedding to find that she s been robbed She d already been feeling down, all three of her friends had found their soul mates Harper has her precious dog Blue andmoney than she ll ever need, but love is elusive To know someo

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    The Socialite And The CopThis story has everything It has romance, suspense and humor picture it, a big bad cop surrounded by tiny hyperactive fairies at a tea party.Caleb gets pulled off of sick leave to investigate a robbery at Harpers penthouse He thinks she s a snob and she thinks he s a caveman They didn t like each other

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    I LOVE all the dog park girls I especially like Harper because of all the money she has and what she does and can do with all that money I figured in this book that Harper would snag her partner in life I love it that he has a dog too Great love story Easy reading A little who done it too Didn t figure out who stole the jewelry an als

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    Highly recommended Rom ComWow do opposite attract from a pampered poodle and water crazy German shepherd ex police dog to two humans who arealike then they think in so the ways that matter at lest and all the crazy drama that surrounds them from bargain to end this book was laugh out loud fun pack with love friendship ups downs fun and is ex

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    Note 2

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    Loved it it s all I can say I m trying to read whole series thx good read for me

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