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Whitney, My Love Fresh From Her Triumphs In Paris Society, Whitney Stone Returns To England Determined To Win The Heart Of Her Childhood Love However, In Order To Save Himself From Ruin, Her Father Has Come To An Arrangement With The Arrogant Duke Of Clay, And Whitney Is The PriceThis Text Refers To An Out Of Print Or Unavailable Edition Of This Title

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    This review contains spoilers Reading Whitney, My Love took me on such a roller coaster ride of emotions that I ve been struggling with exactly how to review it and how to rate it When I was upset and sobbing I wanted to give it a 1 star rating When I was laughing, smiling and sighing, I wanted to give it a 5 star

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    I was a bottomless romance pit as a teen, I read everything and loved it all Including books that now make me gag until I read this It mentally scarred me at 16 so much, that I didn t touch a historical romance again until I was 25.The entire book our hero s either acting from selfish ulterior motives, paranoid distrust that

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    Just as good, if not better, the second time around LOVED IT.Five solid starsI must admit this was a wonderful read Had my eye on this one for a long time BUT it is not available on Kindle If that is the case I usually don t bother buying a book There have been 3 other books I did buy in paperback since I started my kindle obsession a

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    I don t even know what to say about this book Started out okay, I suppose I mean, Clayton, the hero, was always a bit of an asshat what with the forced marriage thing, but that being said, this is an historical romance, so that is sort of expected.Then there s the whole Clayton beating Whitney aspect, which, again historical romance, things lik

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    I m sorry but I just can t like this book I couldn t get past either the rape or the abuse scenes yes, it barely hurt her, but that is not the point and the fact that he continuously distrusted her and emotionally abused her IMO Even though, intellectually, I could understand why the heroine and readers would be able to redeem the hero and love him, emot

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    Missing you she giggled incredulously I could cheerfully murder you It was while reading this novel, that I decided I needed an epic romance shelf I mean, why can fantasy be categorized as epic, and yet romance is just romance Whitney, My Love had about as many pages as a GOT novel, and every page was just so good.I read romance for the thrill of falling in love,

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    4.5 I CAN T LOSE YOU STARSI ADORED THIS BOOK After reading this one I read all of JM books YES, for me it was that good This story starts off with an beautiful girl named Whitney who s father was cold and indifferent to her He sends her to Paris to get some manners and some refinement Which she does that and , as she attracts the attention of a Duke And not just any duke bu

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    Whitney, my love..ly FOOL.Now that you are happily married and settled in life with a baby on the way, I d like to know some things about your whirlwind romance.First of all, how could you have fallen for a guy who physically and emotionally abused you time and again, raped you when there was a rumor floating around that you weren t innocent and gave you money afterward to clear his

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    Edited 8 3 2016 Added link to review of book 2. Whitney My Love Westland Saga 02By Judith McNaught Several days after finishing the 2nd book in the Westland series, I still had no idea what to say This book made me feel such a wide range of emotions that I truly didn t know what to make of it First I was charmed, then frustrated the next Chapter I was laughing a few pages later I was enraged A

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    5 STARS OUTSTANDING image errorNot even in my weakest moment have I considered letting you goAnd here is yet another example of PERFECTION in romance Yes, Judith McNaught has completely captivated me, again I cannot say enough about these fabulously entertaining romances From beginning to end, I was glued to the pages, devouring every word with rapt anticipation The dialogue between the characters was s

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