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Grid Systems in Graphic Design/Raster Systeme Fur Die Visuele Gestaltung This was definitely written by a German in the 60s Verystructured Some very useful ideas, especially for people just getting into design Rules are good I just wish the latest edition of the book, published in 2007, would have included some less dated exa Grid Systems in Graphic Design is a timeless classic that belongs on every designer and designer wannabee s bookshelf Ripe with visual examples, the book doesn t only provide you with a practical framework for design and layout for anything you might be working on web, print, application development , it goes the extra mile to explain in the perfect amount of detail why things affect their audience in particular ways, or why you should do things one way or another.This book dissolves a lot Grid Systems in Graphic Design i This book was a great read The way it is written, as a designer reading it, touched every sensibility Really well structured and the words were chosed really carefull, which showed how much passion was poured into it. This is THE classic designers book on grid systems I have a handful of grid related books, and this one stands out and the most thorough and theoretical Muller Brockmann s explanations for why to make the decisions thoughtful structure that he recommends is rare wisdom that I didn t get in my design education The book is dated in a wonderful way very Midcentu Might be a revolutionary grid book of its era, but not a current one We moved on from Letraset and photo typesetting after this book has published Still good reading though, as long as you are aware of it sa history book I would like to give this book a 3.5, actually, not quite a 4 I think it s really good, packed full of information, and actually pretty interesting to read, as long as you do it a little bit at a time I d this is the essential, original book on grid systems from the master swiss designer josef m ller brockmann all design students should buy this book if you want to learn about how to organize content and type in a beautifully visual and modern way. Un libro de caj n para todo aquel que pretende saber algo de dise o. PDF Epub Grid Systems In Graphic Design Raster Systeme Fur Die Visuele Gestaltung Author Josef M Ller Brockmann Capitalsoftworks.co.uk From A Professional For Professionals, Here Is The Definitive Word On Using Grid Systems In Graphic Design Though Muller Brockman First Presented Hi Interpretation Of Grid In 1961, This Text Is Still Useful Today For Anyone Working In The Latest Computer Assisted Design With Examples On How To Work Correctly At A Conceptual Level And Exact Instructions For Using All Of The Systems 8 To 32 Fields , This Guidebook Provides A Crystal Clear Framework For Problem Solving Dimension 81 2 X 113 4 Inches, English German Text, 357 Bw Examples And Illustrations. Read it in college and again in 2006 2007 Required reading for graphic designers.

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