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Unchanged Mind: The Problem of Immaturity in Adolescence An Unchanged Mind Begins With A Clinical Riddle Why Are American Teenagers Failing To Develop Normally Through Adolescence We Are Presented With Case Studies From A Therapeutic Boarding School For Troubled Teenagers All New Students Had Been Deemed Treatment Failures After Conventional Psychiatric Care All Were Bright Teenagers, Full Of Promise, Not Obviously Ill Yet They Found Themselves Unprepared For The Challenges Of Modern Adolescence And Inevitably Failed At School, At Home, And Among Their Peers SociallyAn Unchanged Mind Is The Discovery Of The Essence Of This Problem Disrupted Maturation And Resulting Immaturity The Book Explains The Problem Carefully, With A Brief Review Of Normal Development And An Examination Of The Delays Today S Teenagers Are Suffering The Causes Of Those Delays And How They Produce A Flawed Approach To Living There Is A Solution With A Sustained Push To Help Troubled Kids Catch Up, Symptoms Abate, Academic And Interpersonal Functioning Improve, And Parents Pronounce Their Teens Miraculously Recovered This Remedy Is Not A Matter Of Pharmacology And The Cure Is Not In Pills The Remedy Is, Instead, To Grow Up

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    Hands down the best I ve read on understanding the troubled teenage mind Fascinating and painful all at once for those of us in the middle of it.

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    It s about helping immature adolescents to mature It identifies 5 areas of flawed thinking gross narcissism, lack of true empathy, puppet relationships you are here only to serve me , magical thinking about the future no set plans about the future, lack in executive functioning , and selfish and concrete morals only concerned about ge

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    If you are a parent of a troubled teen, you will find this book invaluable If you are an educational consultant, this book provides an excellent understanding of today s youth and the causes and treatment of behavioral and emotional problems If you are involved with an RTC, therapeutic boarding school or a wilderness program, this book

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    i lived under dr mckinnons care for 3 years as a teenager when i was there the school was only a few years old and there were about 60 other kids with me most are addicted to drugs now, many some homeless or roaming few have finished college 3 are dead many of us have spent time in prison and we all only around he age of 25 now when we

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    Helpful perspectives on developmental stages immaturity I like the gear shift analogy I like the different categories of maturation The book was a little dense and hard for me to read for long periods of time As I got into it, I found myselfandcaptivated at this alternative or perhaps supplement to traditional dsm diagnosis.Out of curios

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    McKinnon sets forth a plausible hypothesis not only for teenage adolescent developmental setbacks as he intends, but also for problematic adult behavior as well The hypothesis also works for pre teens on back to toddlers In a nutshell roadblocks on the bike path to maturity become permanent disabilities that are all to often pharmacologiz

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Great theory on why at risk teens are the way they are According to the author, the problem is a lack of maturity empathy He does an excellent job of illustrating the common traits of toddlers and immature teens I have used the insight in this book on numerous

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    A must read for parents of troubled teens Very insightful and helpful.

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    This is a fascinating look at immaturity, which applies no only to adolescents but the kind of adolescence that lasts many Americans well into middle age.

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