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Out of the Maze: An A-Mazing Way to Get Unstuck The Posthumous Sequel To Who Moved My Cheese ,the Classic Parable That Became A Worldwide Sensation Who Moved My Cheese Offered Millions Of Readers Relief For An Evergreen Problem Unanticipated And Unwelcome Change Now Its Long Awaited Sequel Digs Deeper, To Show How Readers Can Adapt Their Beliefs And Achieve Better Results In Any FieldJohnson S Theme Is That All Of Our Accomplishments Are Due To Our Beliefs Whether We Re Confident Or Insecure, Cynical Or Positive, Open Minded Or Inflexible But It S Difficult To Change Your Beliefs And With Them, Your Outcomes Find Out How Hem, Haw, And The Other Characters From Who Moved My Cheesedeal With This Challenge

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    4 Stars This was a real unique read My Dad and I have been able to read all of Spencer s books together When I heard a new one was coming out, I knew that I had to read with him again Thanks so much to Portfolio Putnam for gifting us copies to read together Have you ever felt stuck in life Do you feel like the possible is actually impossible This book tells a story of a mouse called H

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    Does it lift you up or hold you down Simplifies life s challenges and teaches you how to adapt and get after your goals.

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    Out of the Maze is the post humous sequel to Who Moved My Cheese It s short and doesn t mince words while addressing questions left over from the first book, namely, how can I adapt Most of the book covers Haw, the Littleperson who s looking for cheese in the maze and is struggling to find it Haw has to address where he s at, and after finding Hope, he s able to move on toward success I think

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    A sequel to Who Moved My Cheese A nice homily about opening your mind to new ideas It will be a useful tool for making teams think about working better together and bringing everyone on board, even the Luddites.With thanks to NetGalley and Penguin Random House UK Ebury Publishing for a free review copy A sequel to Who Moved My Cheese A nice homily about opening your mind to new ideas It will be a

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    Letting go of old beliefs.

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    I first read the prequel to this book Who Moved My Cheese over 15 years ago and found it very helpful Fortunately I listened to my audio version of Who Moved My Cheese just a few weeks ago Out of the Maze written by the late Spencer Johnson follows on and is a very quick read.My honest opinion is that I think it would be most helpful as an addition to an edition of Who Moved My Cheese rather than a separ

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    A fable to teach you to re examine your beliefs and grow.

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    I read Out of the Maze by Spencer Johnson published posthumously by his children in one day It s only 84 pages It s an inspirational type of book This book follows up on Johnson s book Who Moved My Cheese While I would have chosen a different word than beliefs as in Old beliefs do not lead you to a new cheese I get the point of the book If you hang on to how you thought life should be and refuse to face your fea

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    The prequel was a book for people who adapt to changes whereas this book is for people who deny and resist changes in their lives.This short and sweet book focuses on the importance of beliefs written in the format of a fable Provides food for thought.Summary Notice your beliefs A belief is a thought that you trust is trueDon t believe everything you think Sometimes facts are just how you see thingsLet go of what is

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    A business fable and a follow up to a famous Who moved my cheese Many thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for sharing the ARC.I see what the author is trying to do here and why fable is chosen to deliver the message But personally, while I agree with the premises and conclusions I did not enjoy the delivery style It felt a little too patronising for my liking hence my rating Having said that, if you enjoyed Who moved

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Librarian s note There isthan one author in the Goodreads database with this name.Spencer Johnson, M.D left behind a medical career to write short books about life The most famous wasWho Moved My Cheesepublished in 1998 The book became a publishing phenomenon and a workplace manual Over 50 million copies of Spencer Johnson s books are in use worldwide in 47 languages.Dr Johnson s education included a psychology degree from the University of Southern California, a M.D from the Royal College of Surgeons and medical clerkships at Harvard Medical School and the Mayo Clinic.

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