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The Adults The Most Hilarious Debut You Will Read This Year.Meet The AdultsClaire And Matt Are Divorced But Decide What S Best For Their Daughter Scarlett Is To Have A Normal Family Christmas They Can T Agree On Whose Idea It Was, Or Who Said They Should Bring Their New Partners But Someone Did And It S Too Late To Pull The Plug.Claire Brings Her New Boyfriend Patrick, A Seemingly Eligible Iron Man In Waiting Matt Brings The New Love Of His Life Alex, Funny, Smart, And Extremely Patient Scarlett, Their Daughter, Brings Her Imaginary Friend Posey He S A Rabbit Together The Five Or Six Of Them Grit Their Teeth Over Organized Fun Activities, Drinking A Little Too Much After Bed Time, Oversharing Classified Secrets About Their Pasts And, Before You Know It, Their Holiday Is A Powder Keg That Ends Where This Story Starts With A Tearful, Frightened, Call To The PoliceBut What Happened They Said They D All Be Adults About ThisIf You Loved The Break By Marian Keyes Or Raved About The Rosie Project Look No Further Than The Adults. REALLY loved this funny and heartfelt story about two readjusted families who attempt to spend Christmas together and act like adults We are all fine now Well not so much and it s brilliant Full review for the blog tour. My life has been going to hell in a handbasket clogged sewer line and flooded bathroom for starters , so I decided it was time for a comedy And I love dysfunctional family stories This isn t really a dysfunctional family It s two exes and their current partners and the daughter they share Matt, the ex husband managed to irritate me within pages What ever did Alex see in him Or Clare initially, for that matter Or maybe I just like men to have balls Add into the mix the daughter s imaginary rabbit friend who misinterprets what scientists do.There s lots of thinking and second guessing going on here Things we all wonder about get expressed on the pages I found myself nodding a lot Other than her choice of a man, I did find myself bonding with Alex As a stepmother without her own kids, I remember those initial years of trying to figure out where I fit in Hurse does a great job of expressing Alex Of course, it doesn t take long for things to start getting snarky Members of mixed families will relate to how wrong it can go It s not laugh out loud funny, dry humor In fact, the publisher does a disservice to author and reader by calling the book hilarious Hurse mixes her formats, police interviews, excerpts of brochures intermingled with regular storytelling I liked the mixture, it kept things moving along at a brisk clip I loved the ending, seeing how it all comes together I can d It s unfortunate that the publishers bill this as The most hilarious debut you will read all year This novel about a divorced couple with joint custody of their seven year old daughter who come together with their new boyfriend girlfriend is cute and fun, but I only chuckled once during the book Cute and fun are not the same thing as hilarious It sets up false expectations In fact, parts of reading about the struggles of Alex, the woman who s dating the father, Matt, and of Patrick, the man who is dating the mother, Claire, is actually kind of sad Alex is a scientist who doesn t have kids, so she fumbles a lot trying to connect with Scarlett, the seven year old During the book, Matt and Claire get their partners to agree to go away for a five day weekend to celebrate Christmas at a lodge in the woods where there is archery, swimming, dance classes, golf, and so on There is jealousy and misunderstandings and straight up lies Scarlett has long conversations with her invisible to everyone but her purple rabbit, Posey.Even if your parents never divorced and dated remarried, even if you ve never dated a divorced person with kids, you ll be able to identify with the different characters, particularly perfectionist competitive Patrick and the well drawn Alex, who gave up alcohol when she realized she was drinking too much, only to go a little nuts with wine under the stress of living with Mat 4 adults 2 ex s 1 child 1 imaginary purple rabbit Posey 1 holiday vacation trip A magical Christmas to never forget.Ok haha I don t know about everyone but me taking a vacation trip with my ex sounds like an absolute s..t show lol This was quite the story Caroline Hulse explores relationships in a clever and sassy way in this story Can we ever really be civil with our ex s Caroline Hulse s voice effortlessly flows across the pages and had me laughing, cringing, and smiling all in one The story takes off with a beginning scene of a dialogue between Alex and the ambulance Someone has been shot by an arrow but once the ambulance says they re on their way Alex stops responding The story slowly takes off in this holiday getaway between this pack of friends I had trouble connecting to the storyline in the beginning and seemed a tad slow for my liking I began to get invested about 50 60 percent in.Overall, this was an entertaining domestic drama I think it co

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