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The Single Dad's Marriage Wish A Mother For His Son.Dedicated Consultant And Devoted Single Dad Hamish Adams Is The Heartthrob Of The Emergency Room Hamish S Life Is A Nonstop Juggling Act Between Caring For His Young Son And Managing His Demanding Job, Hamish Has No Time For Women For The Sake Of His Heart, And His Child, That S How He Intends It To Stay That Is, Until Beautiful Nurse Charlotte Porter Whirls Into Their Lives Vivacious, Caring Charlotte Is Just What Hamish And Little Cameron Need With Charlotte By Their Side, Hamish Knows They Would Make A Perfect Family But First He Must Put His Heart On The Line And Ask Charlotte To Be His Wife. The title isn t inspiring I m not a fan of gritty medicals A widower hero Angst overload is always a concern.But Vintage remembered loving it so I gave it a whirl.Vintage was absolutely right This is a thoughtful, heartfelt romance that celebrates life while acknowledging the pain that can enter anyone s life at any time And yes, I might have blinked back a tear or two So spoilers Hero is an emergency room doctor who has a two year old son His wife died in a horse riding accident when his son was six months old He had been coping with an elderly housekeeper who is recovering from a hip operation and his sister also a doctor who helped with his son His son also goes to the daycare at the hospital.Heroine is a nurse who lost her job when they were consolidating the country hospitals She s only been working at this hospital for a few weeks hero was on vacation when they first meet She is full of energy and compassion and the hero is impressed with how she handles a bullied young patient She is on her way to an interview for a part time housekeeping position that will allow her to keep her two horses and her cat and dog Yes, it was the hero s sister who advertised for the job and it s the sister who hires her over the hero s objections He doesn t want gossip and he is attracted to the heroine What follows is the heroine taking over the hero s life and making everything better It sounds like a Mary Sue in action but there are hints tha Review to comeThis was quite sweet, and with a little work could be even better Still, even though it needs work, I am giving it four stars for sweetness and an adorable heroine.The H is a widower with an adorable little boy He is overwhelmed with grief and responsibilities The widower, not the plot moppet.In steps, the h, the light of the hospital and seemingly winsome spirit Everybody loves her She verges on Mary Sue territory, but escapes it She has a dark secret that slowly unfolds and exposes why she is so relentlessly happy all the time.The H and h fall in love lust, but due, shock, misunderstandings in miscommunications they implode Sorry for my wimpy review, but I have mouths to feed and a It was too much Gag.

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