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Winterwood From The New York Times Bestselling Author Of The Wicked Deep Comes A Haunting Romance Set Deep In The Magical Snow Covered Forest, Where The Appearance Of A Mysterious Boy Unearths Secrets That Awakens The Enchanted, But Angry, Woods Be Careful Of The Dark, Dark WoodEspecially The Woods Surrounding The Town Of Fir Haven Some Say These Woods Are Magical Haunted, EvenRud To Be A Witch, Only Nora Walker Knows The Truth She And The Walker Women Before Her Have Always Shared A Special Connection With The Woods And It S This Special Connection That Leads Nora To Oliver Huntsman The Same Boy Who Disappeared From The Camp For Wayward Boys Weeks Ago And In The Middle Of The Worst Snowstorm In Years He Should Be Dead, But Here He Is Alive, And Left In The Woods With No Memory Of The Time He D Been MissingBut Nora Can Feel An Uneasy Shift In The Woods At Oliver S Presence And It S Not Too Long After That Nora Realizes She Has No Choice But To Unearth The Truth Behind How The Boy She Has Come To Care So Deeply About Survived His Time In The Forest, And What Led Him There In The First Place What Nora Doesn T Know, Though, Is That Oliver Has Secrets Of His Own Secrets He Ll Do Anything To Keep Buried, Because As It Turns Out, He Wasn T The Only One To Have Gone Missing On That Fateful Night All Those Weeks Ago That cover is GORGEOUS. I can t even describe how excited I am to get my sweaty palms on this book. The ending made the whole book Quiet, slow, and intense, with a touch of cold magic Like a fairy tale. A sleeping forest will allow safe passage But if it wakes, be prepared to run In Shea s sopho novel we follow Nora who is a Walker witch and has always lived near the Wicker Woods and the lake that borders it The Walker witches are as old and talked about as the woods, as mysterious and dark The kids at the camp for wayward boys across the lake whisper about the witches who lure boys away and bury them under their floorboards, about the women whose lovers all die and who never leave, not even in the unrelenting winters that hit the areaOliver breathes and I swear the wind calms, he closes his eyes and the forest trembles against the house My lost item found in the woods Who is now forest than boy At the heart of this story we have Nora who has always felt separate and alone until she finds a lost thing in the full moon Wicker Woods where she collects those items that the world no longer wantsuntil she finds Oliver and wishes desperately to keep him Shea has a way of writing twisted and complex romances and this one is no different Oliver is a mysterious boy, changed by the woods, and Nora is a Walker witch who feel the woods deep in her bones They re cautious of one another, and rightfully so The progression of their relationship is both natural and haunting and I was very here for itThe wilds of this place dislike our midnight chatter, our rising voices, the flickering flame and the sparks wheeling up through the trees We have woken it Like The Wicked Deep Shea makes her setting its very own character and in this instance, the character of the woods is better than any human or witch character we are introduced to It s a truly atmospheric novel, one that will immerse you in the spooky woods, in the ominous snow storms, and no amount of closing the book will make you feel safe She does it so so well, but I wanted so much from the characters and plot I m not going to go and spoil anything about this novel but I will say that I saw what Shea was doing with the characters and story long before it was revealed and that did detract from my overall enjoyment Also, this book suffers from excessive repetition of themes sayings information For example, the fact that Walker witches are older than the woods, the fact that you can t enter the Wicker Woods unless you re a Walker witch or it s a full moon, her grandmother s moonstone ring honestly mentioned SO often , the fact that others think the Walker witches arewell, witches The fact that they stay through bad weather, the fact that the campers thing the witches are odd All of these are repeated frequently and it really detracted from the story The repeated information wasn t something hard to grasp, wasn t something that needed repeating for the reader to understand I m assuming it was intentional but it did not work for me, at all Shea has said that she reworked this novel post arc printing, and that readers of the arc should expect to see differences, apparently substantial ones, between what we read and the finished copy I look forward to finding out what those changes are and to reviewing the finished copy which I of course, have preordered and updating my review rating I m REALLY hoping the changes improve the story and are extensive enough to raise this rating because giving it a 2,5 3 star hurts my heart All quotes taken from the ARC and are subject to change ARC received at BEA.

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