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Untouchable The Bully Isn T Supposed To Win Senior Year Was Off To A Rough Start Lube In My Locker, Panties On My Front Porch, Unimaginative Name Calling See, I Got A Player Suspended From The Football Team For Harassing Me, And In My Small Texas Town, You Don T Mess With The Football Players Even If They Mess With You First I Didn T Care If It Was An Unpopular Thing To Do I Stood Up For Myself And In Doing So, Opened Pandora S Box I Never Dreamed I Would Attract The Attention Of Locally Worshipped Star Quarterback, Carter Mahoney Never Imagined His Coveted Attention Would Turn Out To Be Such A Nightmare Beneath His Carefully Constructed Fa Ade Lurks A Monster, A Predator Looking For The Perfect Prey To Play With Now, Since I M The Girl No One Likes Or Believes, I Guess I M The Perfect Target For His Dark Games And Twisted Desires After Surviving My First Encounter With His Casual Depravity, All I Really Want Is For Carter To Leave Me Alone But All He Seems To Want Is Me Warning This Book Is Provocative It Is Categorized As DARK ROMANCE For A Reason It Will Not Be For Everyone If You Are A Reader With Certain Triggers Or Sensitivities Common To The Dark Romance Genre, Please Heed The Author S Note At The Beginning Of This Book.

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    Holy fucking shit That s what I thought as I read the beginning of Untouchable by Sam Mariano The first scene between the main characters, Carter and Zoey, is than just uncomfortable It s sick, twisted, and fucked up on a level I ve never seen in a book about high school students In fact, the entire book is I m not going to lie or sugarcoat this If you have ever read a book and disliked it, because you thought the hero was abusive or the couple s relationship was toxic, back away

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    1 STAR Some spoilers to follow It s terrifying, his disregard for right and wrong The pleasure he gets out of making me powerless I have sat on the rating for this book for a solid week, totally and completely conflicted On the one hand, the writing is solid and the story interesting enough to have me continuing after the HOLY SHIT DID I JUST READ WHAT I THINK I DID in the first 5% Yes, the warning does a good job of preparing the reader and making them understand that thi

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    Fuck it, this will probably be the unpopular review and that s absolutely fineCause these are also my personal thoughts intertwined with the impressions after reading this bookthe book I, unfortunately, DIDN T like Inspite Sam Mariano s writing and inspite her given warning about this book and its contentIt just reminded me of one similar book in recent past that irked my protective senses to full blast and I still firmly stand with my primar expressivness.The said warning stated that this is a

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    What the heck did I just read WHAT THE HECK JUST HAPPENED I am very well aware of the warning the author provides in the synopsis, however, the fact that someone wants to write about the lack of consent during sexual encounters as a motivation to have the reader reading of said story is something that I am trying to find out why it is in any way okay When a girl, or a boy says no , stop that , can you please stop , do not touch me , that right there states to back off, step away and to just

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    Warning This book is provocative It is categorized as a DARK ROMANCE for A REASON It will not be for everyone If you are a reader with certain triggers or sensitivities common to the dark romance genre, please heed the author s note at the beginning of this book.Heed the authors warning because straight off the bat I knew for a fact that this book wouldn t be for everyone and the author doesn t make any apologies for that, she s gone where many authors won t attempt to go It will drag you kicking out of your

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    REVIEW 4.5 Stars Do you know what you ve done, princess You just gave me the keys to the kingdom There s no stopping me now. FIRST AND FOREMOST There is a warning on this book for a VERY good reason Not necessarily a trigger warning, but a warning nonetheless This book gets very twisted very quickly If you think this is about a spoiled hero that only wants the one girl that ignores him and fights him off, you re correct.Just kidding.It s not.It s so much .depraved Carter Mahoney is not for the faint of

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    Print Length 541 pagesPublication Date December 16, 2018Free to download with Kindle subscription or 3.99 to buy 52 Chapters Epilogue A football player, not the Hero, violates heroine Of course, they want her to drop the charges so he can proceed to play football For making a big deal about him ignoring my rejection and doing it anyway.Jake Parsons wanted you You should have been flattered.You re going to tell them you were confused, upset, you made a mistake The guys violate her again while trying to make her lie It s ho

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    2.5 Stars I usually don t read reviews before starting a book, but I couldn t help myself this time The 1 star reviews made me very curious.So, here I am, a ticket to hell in hand with a guaranteed seat, because let me tell you, it wasn t that bad Abuse content Indeed But I ve read worse, much much worse.From the top of my head, I ll give you a few names that would make Carter Mahoney look like a puppy Caleb from Captive in the Dark by C.J Roberts Q from Monster in The DarkKnox Bishop from Flawed by Francette PhalThe Goodbye Man

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    Need to think about this book, can t decide if I liked it or not.Update Well since this is the fourth time I borrowed again from KU it means I must like it so I think my rating fits my feelings.

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