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Shoot for the Moon What a thrilling book Even though I knew the outcome from the beginning, having lived the early space years as a youth, I could not put this book down, making up excuses to drive my car so I could listen to the next chapter Donovan details the history of the race to the moon, including a lot of material that has come to light in the years since, especially about the Soviet space efforts He chronicles the selection of the astronauts and the factors that affected the selection of the men and crews for the Gemini and Apollo missions While many of us have been captivated by Tom Hanks as James Lovell in Apollo 13, the near catastrophe, the successful story of Apollo 11 is equally compelling, as the unknowns and dangers involved in the mission were significant Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins were aware of the risks and rated their chances of a successful landing and return at 50 50, not good odds for most of life s ventures But the story of the moon landing is a story that goes far beyond the astronauts, and Donovan makes us very aware of many of the people who contributed to this achievement, such as the flight controllers, and the various specialist who worked on the myriad of problems that had to be resolved in order to make this flight possible One major omission was that he did not mention the ladies fro I m a sucker for most anything about the 1960 s NASA missions, and therefore easily lured in by this book I thoroughly enjoyed it Not too technical, and sprinkled with plenty of great anecdotes. I enjoyed reading this but had thought most of it would be about Apollo 11 and it really wasn t I did like the part about the Gemini missions as they often get overlooked in books about the space race. An enjoyable read documenting the history of manned space flight from the beginning through the Apollo 11 moon landing The book covers many facets of the successful mission to land man on the moon The author covers the Astronauts and the support team in Houston who supported their efforts. I have read several books on the early days of the space travel and I am almost always exited by the history This is of an overview of the missions and people leading up to the moon landing This is well researched and ha Good historic look at the space race, I might even have it on my re read list That being said, I still loved First Man a bit Highly recommend the audio version of this one Even though I knew most of the history, still kept me on the edge of my seat listening to the narrative. For The 50th Anniversary, The Epic Story Of Apollo 11 And The Astronauts, Flight Controllers, And Engineers Who Made It Happen, By The Author Of The Bestselling A Terrible Glory And The Blood Of Heroes.On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong And Buzz Aldrin Became The First Humans To Walk On The Moon, A Moment Forever Ingrained In History Perhaps The World S Greatest Technological Achievement And A Triumph Of American Spirit And Ingenuity The Apollo 11 Mission, And The Entire Apollo Program, Was A Mammoth Undertaking Involving Than 410,000 Men And Women Dedicated To Putting A Man On The Moon And Winning The Space Race Against The Soviets.Seen Through The Eyes Of The Those Who Lived It, Shoot For The Moon Reveals The Dangers, The Challenges, And The Sheer Determination That Defined Not Only Apollo 11, But Also The Mercury And Gemini Missions That Made It Possible Both Sweeping And Intimate, And Based On Exhaustive Research And Dozens Of Fresh Interviews, Bestselling Author James Donovan S Shoot For The Moon Is The Definitive And Thrilling Account Of One Of Humankind S Most Extraordinary Feats Of Exploration. Fifty years later, the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo space program remain as interesting as ever Even though we know how the story ends, James Donovan makes us sweat through some very tense moments. Shoot for the Moon The Space Race and the Extraordinary Voyage of Apollo 11 by James Donovan is a truly riveting book I read it out loud to one of my sisters and we were both pretty glued to it We read it over the space no pun intended of about three or four days We have never really read a book about the race to space and this book was a good introduction to it all.As the title implies, it details the space race between the Russians and Americans to get someone into space, and on the moon, first and thus doing it as fast as possible The timeline is a little mixed up, but it works Generally speaking, the account is heading toward the Apollo 11 landing on the moon But first, you are going to learn how this all got started You learn how NASA came into being and the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo programs, and details about the efforts of both the Russians and the Americans just to get out of our planet s atmosphere It is quite intense at times The author writes very well, and, as I already mentioned, he really pulled my sister and I into the history.Even the little details a

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