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Backwater Tide (Kurt Hunter Mysteries #6) Great read Always enjoy a good tale taking place on the water Hope to locate and read the rest of the series. As per his Norm OUTSTANDING I LOVE Steven Becker I love his books, because they sweep you off of your feet, and drag you into his stories His characters have become like old friends and I love following their lives, as they unfold in his books I love this I love him, he s such a great author And what he writes doesn t make you cringe meaning, he keeps everything adult, with no uncomfortable scenarios I love it Super guy Definitely one of my top 5 authors Ke There Is One Word That Brings Out The Worst In People TREASURE When Special Agent Kurt Hunter Finds A Boat Adrift In The Biscayne National Park With The Dead Body Of A Famous Treasure Hunter Aboard, The Race Is On To Find His Killer Alliances Shift And The Bodies Start To Pile Up As Kurt And Justine Navigate The Devious And Dangerous World Of Treasure Hunters To Find The Killer From The Iconic Intracoastal Waterway Of Miami To The Beauty Of The Biscayne National Park, This New Mystery From Bestselling Author, Steven Becker, Reveals The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Of South Florida. Diving for Treasure The surprise ending of the previous book had me fearing the series had been wrapped up Nope Back as strong as ever with a new case to solve While the characters lives progress, each novel is an independent tale, so fear not if you ve missed the previous episodes This is Miami Vice this is the Keys Murder, mystery, skullduggery, boats and bikinis, freewheeling and institutional regula Kurt has found an interesting method to skip out on a paddleboard race I have been to Biscayne park and can truefully say I never got into the trouble that Kurt does I enjoyed the story and recommend the book. A murder story A sunken treasure story all in one.Kurt just can t do anything that doesn t end up a murder investigation All in all, one of my favorites I brings in characters from other books that I have enjoyed Read this book and you will busy from where I am coming from. Great readExciting and fun, especially for those have been to keys and have attained certified Diver training and performed many dives. Great story I love the way Mr Becker centers all his stories around water, primarily South Florida A very quick and easy read Loved it Kurt Hunter is sort of the National Parks Service s version of Columbo He gnaws away at the scraps of evidence he finds until he solves the murder He is quite adept at finding dead bodies in the most unusual way and places Steven Kurt Justine and their crew certainly impressive when they embellished their many attributes to take on the bad guys There is one ongoing exciting adventure after another but the secrecy surrounding these incidents is what maintained my undivided attention This story definitely kept my undivided attention from beginning to end and the ending is certainly impressive Great suspense throughout this story, and the camaraderie of agencies really is inspiring Definitely a five star masterpiece by an exceptionally talented author Mr Becker is definitely well versed in his descriptiveness of each and every episode, as they were well thought out before penning a word I definitely enjoyed the character selections throughout the entire story, as the author certainly impressed me with their individual exploits Too, his research was definitely impressive in his storylines, as there

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