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Waiting for Tom Hanks Super cute The rom com nostalgia in Waiting for Tom Hanks is strong so don t be surprised when you get the urge to watch all your favorite romantic comedies from the past few decades to keep the feel good vibes flowing Not a bad way to spend a weekendor a sick day Just sayin My favorite quoteIt doesn t matter how someone in a romantic comedy affords their absurdly nice house, or whether or not their profession makes sense, or if technically they re sort of stalking someone they heard on a call in radio show What matters is that they have hope Sure, they find love, but it s not even about love It s the hope that you deserve happin 4 Adorable Stars for Waiting for Tom Hanks The Perfect Feel Good Rom Com Annie is a gal who LOVES romantic comedies When I say love I mean LOVE She has watched every romantic comedy ever made and has all of the lines memorized Tom Hanks is her favorite romantic lead Sleepless in Seattle, You ve Got Mail you name it In fact, she is looking for a guy just like him in real life Her very own Tom Hanks and she believes with all of her might that it ll happen, that she will find him When Annie gets a job on a movie set in her very own hometown, well, the perfect meet cute seems like it s bound to happen Full of endearing, funny and altogether sweet and swoon worthy moments, Waiting for Tom Hanks is sure to make even cynics like myself believe I loved being reminded of my favorite romantic comedies from the 80 s and 90 s While You Were Sleeping and of course, When Harry Met Sally If you are looking for a light, easy read that has several laugh ou 3.5 stars Easy, Breezy, and a little Cheesy Waiting for Tom Hanks is a sweet story about a woman who is waiting to find true love and experience her own romantic comedy Annie is 27 years old and stuck in her comfortable world in Ohio she wants to be a screenwriter but is unwilling to leave her childhood home to try her hand at working in the movies She spends her time freelance writing in her friend s coffee shop waiting to meet Mr Right Annie is obsessed with romantic comedies and compares every man she meets to the heroes in her favorite films, especially those starring Tom Hanks She is waiting to have her meet cute and find her leading man, but it just hasn t happened yet When a movie is finally being filmed her town, starring handsome movie star Drew, Annie finally gets the opportunity to experience her meet cute, but it turns out that life isn t always like the movies and Annie struggles to meld reality with her fantasy This is a fun and quick read with some charming, quirky characters and witty banter It had depth than I thought it would based on the title I found Annie s character endearing I was a little nervous for her at first, but once I was able to peel back the layers to learn about why she is obsessed with rom coms, I began to root for her Simila From the moment I set eyes on the title, I knew I had to read this one.I mean come on, who doesn t love Tom Hanksor want their happily ever after Right Annie is waiting for her Tom Hanks to sweep her off her feetjust like in the movies Because Annie s fantasy world is a Rom Com Meanwhile she risks watching her whole life slip past, as she assures herself her Rom Com love story is right around the corner.A quirky and fun romp A tad predictable but it st This was pure fun Annie is twenty seven years old and loves a romantic comedy These movies are especially important to her for their nostalgia as she watched them with her late mother before she passed away Annie s dating expectations have been influenced by these movies She s literally waiting for her own Tom Hanks to send her an email or arrive at her front door.Annie meets her perfect match, but she may have to figure out how to be his perfect match, too, with all the defenses she s built up I loved the wave of rom com movies that came out in the 90s So much fun and so endearing Waiting for Tom Hanks could fit right in among those movies It s charming, sweet, and oodles of fun I also get the feeling there may be a second book in the works based on the amazing supporting key players here Overall, this was a quick, warmhearted, charming I m between 4 and 4.5 stars I m starting to think that the movies I ve dedicated my life to may have lied to me Nora Ephron herself may have indirectly lied to me Tom Hanks, as much as I ve trusted him, may have lied to me Because I have it all the sympathetic backstory, the montage of humiliations minor and major, unrealized career aspirations, the untamed pre makeover hair But still, I wait Single, lonely, Hanks less Annie Cassidy believes in love Or accurately, she believes in the love she has seen in the romantic comedies she grew up watching She and her mother used to watch all those movies, from the screwball comedies of the 1930s and 1940s to the holy grail, the movies written by Nora Ephron which starred Tom Hanks Sleepless in Seattle and You ve Got Mail.Annie knows that her parents, who are both deceased, had a storybook romance, and she believes one is waiting out there for her, too All she needs to do is to find her Tom Hanks, the steadfast, kind, romantic man from the movies, maybe one who even owns a houseboat She s even ready for their meet cute.When Annie gets a job on a movie being filmed in her town, as an aspiring screenwriter of rom coms, she feels like this may be the break she needs Can A Romcom Obssessed Romantic Finally Experience The Meet Cute She Always Dreamed Of Or Will Reality Never Compare To Fiction, In This Charming Debut Adult Novel From Kerry Winfrey.Annie Is Twenty Seven Years Old, Single, And Obsessed With Romantic Comedies She And Her Mother Watched Them Religiously, Before Her Mom Died Her Dating Life Is Limited By The Expectations She S Formed From These Movies She Is Not As Open To New Experiences As She Might Be, Because She S Waiting For Her Tom Hanks I.e., A Guy She Ll Find In The Perfect, Meet Cute Romantic Comedy Way When Annie Does Finally Meet Her Perfect Match, It S Not Quite In The Way She Expected, And She S Forced To Reckon With The Walls She S Built Around Herself Over The Years. Sweet, charming, a purely lighthearted pleasure WAITING FOR TOM HANKS by KERRY WINFREY was such an engaging, fun, wonderful, amusing, quick, and endearing rom com tale that was a pure delight to read I pretty much had a smile on my face the whole time I was reading this book KERRY WINFREY delivers a well written, highly entertaining and enjoyable read here with lovable, quirky and realistic characters I was totally smitten with these characters and this storyline that had me eagerly flipping those pages as fast as I could This was than your classic rom com tale as it s written in such a way that felt so refreshing and new I thought it was such an ingenious and interesting angle using Tom Hanks references from those beloved romantic comedies throughout this novel What Tom Hanks represents and stands for in this story is absolutely swoon worthy and so perfectly meaningful I think we can all attest to wanting our very own Tom Hanks love story I absolutely loved this book and couldn t get enough of this feel good story and quirky characters Norma s Stats Cover Fun, quirky, charming, and an effective representation to storyline Love the cover art Title Intriguing, adorable, clever, and a fabulous representation to storyline Writing Prose Well written, engaging, captivating, humorous, fluid and charming.Plot Refreshing, fun, delightful, adorable, li Find all of my reviews at for Pub Day Normally I wouldn t be posting a review so many months in advance of a book s release heck, let s face it normally I end up failing miserably and reading half of the ARCs I receive after their release date , but there was zero chance I wasn t going to talk about this one on Valentine s Day The story here is about Annie Ever since she was a little girl she has dreamed of the moment she would meet cute her one true love She was always sure it would come in the form of a true a ha moment with a man who may or may not live on a houseboat, possibly with a child, maybe after tragically being widowed Either that or it would be in love to hate form via e mail correspondence or some form of social media where she sparred unknowingly with the man who was to be her soulmate But has Annie become so wrapped up in the fantasy that she won t be able to recognize the real thing when she sees it As I told my husband, I have been waiting for Tom Hanks to come for me for the duration of our 22 year marriage and after going on a.gif hunt for this maybe I ve been waiting for Meg Ryan too There was zero chance I wasn t going to do whatever was necessary in order to obtain this title There was also zero chance I wasn t going to then proceed to crap my pants in fear that I would hate it it wouldn t live up to my expectations Luckily there was absolutely nothing to fear Waiting for Tom Hanks 4.5 starsWaiting For Tom Hanks is another book that took me out of my normal and it was one I didn t really have high hope of controlling my eyes from rolling Well, let me tell you just how much I loved this one There might have been some dancing going on after reading this with the way this one wrapped up I was so pleased by that ending Maybe there is hope for this unromantic sole Waiting for Tom Hanks is a fresh modern take on a rom com and if I was to sum it up in one word it would be irresistible However, there is so much to this one The story has all the plot elements to a rom com and at times it did feel it was going to go in the direction of those predictable, overused plot lines but nope Kerry Winfrey keeps it fresh, spinning a very interesting, entertaining, hilarious, heartfelt story here I loved the colorful, quirky and very likable characters in this story and the dynamics between them I really enjoyed following Annie through her conflicts and adventures as she searches for her Tom Hanks I loved the ending, did I mention that already It was on the super romantic side that is known in rom com but in such a unique comical way I was at the edge of my seat, rooting for our couple and thoroughly entertained by the dynamics between these characters I highly recommend I received a complimentary copy from Elisha at Berkley Publishing This was my pick for the prompt Short sweet Read a book with

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