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How It Feels to Float Read How It Feels To Float Author Helena Fox Hakkas.us Biz Knows How To Float She Has Her People, Her Posse, Her Mom And The Twins She Has Grace And She Has Her Dad, Who Tells Her About The Little Kid She Was, Who Loves Her So Hard, And Who Shouldn T Be Here But Is So Biz Doesn T Tell Anyone Anything Not About Her Dark, Runaway Thoughts, Not About Kissing Grace Or Noticing Jasper, The New Boy And She Doesn T Tell Anyone About Her Dad Because Her Dad Died When She Was Six And Biz Knows How To Float, Right There On The Surface Normal Okay Regular Fine.But After What Happens On The Beach First In The Ocean, And Then In The Sand The Tethers That Hold Biz Steady Come Undone Dad Disappears, And With Him, All Comfort It Might Be Easier, Better, Sweeter To Float All The Way Away Or Maybe Stay A Little Longer, Find Her Father, Bring Him Back To Her Or Maybe Maybe Maybe Maybe There S A Third Way Biz Just Can T See Yet. I really loved the first half of this, but the second half honestly felt like a completely different book Blah.TW death of a parent, depression, sexual assault 4.5 emotionally wrought stars for this book that completely broke my heartHow It Feels to Floatwas beautifully written and I was completely taken in by Biz Oh, how I wanted to pull her out of the pages and just hug her I loved the relationships Biz built with Jasper and Sylvia Not at all what you d expect, but simply perfect Helena Fox who also lives with mental illness expertly shared Biz s thoughts, reactions and feelings pulling us into it all right along with her You feel as if you are struggling through the depression, anxiety, PTSD, panic attacks and dissociative episodes right along with her I found myself trying to make sense of it all just as Biz does This is not an easy or light hearted read It s full of anguish, despair and emotion You have to be ready for that Yet, it was also filled with sparks of healing, love and hope Though Biz struggled with many mental, emotional and physical issues she did find the suppo There s so much love to give this harrowing, yet hopeful, novel It s the kind that absolutely stays with you, long after you turn the final page It s about grief and loss and disassociation It s about friends who stick by you, and friends who leave both things that made and broke my heart to read Biz is the kind of character who feels things so deeply and wholly, and she s never gotten over her dad leaving She sometimes sees him, sitting on the end of her bed, reminiscing about her babyhood And she wants him, but she also doesn t want to feel like she s losing the plot like this Then she kisses her best friend Grace which turns into an awkward disaster and a boy pulls her out of the ocean and her life beings to unravel and she can t catch the threads.Mental illness rep is so important in YA It s so isolating to through things like depression and books are here to give us this safe space to say hey what you re feeling isn t something you have to go at alone I feel like Biz s voice was so personal, her narration so vulnerable, it was easy to feel like you were experiencing the whole book with her And as someone who struggles with depression myself, I just found so many scenes made me want to cry Soooo much accuracy I think that s the value of own Yes look okay this hurt my heart and that is all.I am going away for four days and maybe when I get back I will have sense but right now my words are broken like in this book that had weird formatting and long sentencesthat hadno punctuationbut punctured my heart anyway Okay so I ve had my four days of craziness to process this one and I m ready to make a bit sense The metal illness rep here is ridiculously powerful This book could not have been written by someone who has not experienced something like what Biz is going through It s heartbreaking, but the way it s told makes it a little hard to follow which is pretty accurate because mental illnesses are heavily misunderstood Even the people experiencing them might not realise what s happening to them, why they feel or think or say or do things So it s quite clever in the way its been presented, but if you re the kind of person who is picky about punctuation and sentences etc having their proper format this may bug you slightly.It is a little qu Fox s poetic writing is impressive and effectively renders the wry first person voice of Biz, a teenager struggling with mental illness, questioning her sexuality, and grappling with the death of a beloved family member A touching story of grief and an unflinching portrayal of inter generational mental illness At times, How It Feels to Float is a slow burn with little momentum, but Fox s dazzling linguistic style keeps the pages turning We stare into the fire It makes shapes for us to see Part of me detaches Steps into the fire Lifts with the flames Looks down at the boy and the girl They seem happy Are you happy, Biz Am I Am I who am I and amI, even All of us can be altered in a blink Fire reduces you to nothing Water erodes rocks Cliffs crumble You are not real, Biz It s true Perhaps I am actually the fire Or the sea Perhaps I am every leaping molecule T Incredible I read this book slowly, and savored this very touching and honest revelation of what it is like to live with several types of mental disorder The writing was lyrical, poetic and even downright magical at times It was not always easy going I had to put the book down and give my overworked emotions a rest than once But this was so worth the time, energy and emotion that I invested in this wonderful, life changing read.In her Acknowledgement at the end of the book, the author, Helena Fox, reveals I have lived with mental illness my whole life I carry with me complex PTSD, anxiety disorder, dissociative disorder, and clinical depression I walk with these things, but they don t define me I live with, and beyond them I do my best to speak out and seek help when I need it I am so very glad to still be here Every day, I do my best to see the colors I take note I breathe them in This amazing woman wrote an equally amazing story about a young girl grappling with mental illness, her soul destroying grief at the death of her father, and her growing confusion about her sexual identity There is no subterfuge in this novel Biz is usually brutally honest with herself Life is confusing, and she isn t always sure about reality, but she is an extremely intelligent, brave girl When Biz s behaviour makes her a social outcast in high school, she drops out both mentally and physically I won t go into any further de Grief feels like this an okay day and a good day and an okay day then a badBad that follows and empties you Bad like a sinkhole.This novel follows Biz, a girl whose father died when she was young and she s still going through grief and disassociation during her late teenage years Her father still appears to her in visions that she has and he still speaks to her often The narration is incredibly influenced by how Biz is feeling and I thought that it captured her as an unreliable narrator so, so well It s hard to explain exactly what this book is, but it s mainly an exploration of Biz trying to bring her father back and trying to deal with the impact his death has left behind on her entire life This is the kind of book that pulls you in and makes you really feel for the characters I think that Biz s narration was amazing her voice is sarcastic and hopeful, and she s genuinely trying Biz is a certain kind of mess she really, really wishes that she could be better but she will make bad decisions, and I think that this accurately portrays the kind of funnel mental illness can put you in Also, this isn t only written in prose it has sections of b 4.5 starsLife is terrible and beautiful, isn t it It s the best worst at the exact same time, all possibilities at once I absolutely adored this book and read it at the perfect time for me This is a powerful YA contemporary that deals with mental illness, sexuality, grief, family, friendship and There is so much to love about this book 1 The mental illness rep This is one of the most authentic portrayals of mental illness I have ever read this is own voices for the mental illness rep 2 The writing style Helena Fox has an amazing poetic writing style, and there were a lot of quotes that rea Beautiful in its haunting glare, Helena Fox presents a story about ghosts and mental illness, and how they both chase those inflicted with their presence Pros 1 Lovely writing Fox does not write the average YA fiction here She uses descriptive prose and free verse split int

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Helena Fox lives in Wollongong, Australia, where she runs creative writing workshops for young people She s a graduate of the MFA Program for Writers at Warren Wilson College in North Carolina She has travelled widely, living in Peru, Spain, the U.K, Samoa, and the US Of all her adventures, Helena is proudest of the work she has done helping young people find and express their voice How It Fee

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