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The Rest of the Story It s always a good idea to read one of Sarah Dessen s books They always bring a smile to my face and make me feel like everything will be okay.One of the things Dessen excels in is writing about different family dy Probably of a 4 star book overall but I had to bump it up to 5 because it made me so damn happy while I was reading it.Listen, Sarah Dessen is the queen of teen for a reason she writes solid books I ve probably read all of them and while I didn t love all of them, I at least enjoyed them while I was reading.But this one.I don t think I ve liked a Sarah Dessen book this much since I read Lock Key for the first time And it wasn t just because Emma had major anxiety associated with driving and that is the most relatable thing I ve ever read Everything was just so well paced and crafted, the characters were so rich and vibrant and I honestly couldn t pick a favourite out of the bunch no matter how hard you pressed me except that its definitely Gordon It was a quintessential Sarah Dessen summer romance slash characters d 6 30 19 Wow My very first DNF of a Dessen book I never thought I d live to see the day There wasn t anything bad about this book that turned me off it was just very, very, VERY did I mention very slow paced If you are looking for something fun, fast paced and excited, this is not the book for you If, however, you want something that is heavily character oriented and takes its time building up to the action, you will probably love this This is the kind of book that you have to be in the mood for I guess I couldn t rea You can make life, or life can make you The Rest of the Story, by Sarah Dessen, will likely land as one of my favorite reads this year That s a bold statement because we haven t even hit the mid year mark, and I ve read over 50 books However, as my reading buddies can attest to, it hasn t been a good year So, thank you Dessen for coming out with a story I can fall right into and feel like I m walking alongside family and friends This is such a great book because Dessen does what she s best at she creates a novel with relatable characters, dealing with topical situations, exposing their flaws and insecurities, and demonstrating their struggles with family, friends and life in general.Emma Saylor is on her way to spend a few weeks in North Lake with her estranged family After the death of her mom, Emma hasn t been around to see her maternal grandmother, aunt or cousins in many years During her time there, she becomes reacquainted with Jack, Bailey, Roo and Trinity The relationships are strained at first because of her time away and the fact that her father, who originally comes from Lake North, which is Because the story can change so much depending on who s telling it. I read my first Sarah Dessen book half my life ago and I still become teenage girl excited every time one comes out Literally nothing makes me feel the way her books do.Side note I ve been reading this while watching Strang the day sarah dessen writes a gay book, my heart will finally be satisfied Got this signed hardcover edition for only 10 So excited to start reading this soon. Originally published on The Nerd Daily Review by Teralyn MitchellI ve been a big fan of Sarah Dessen for years now so I was happy that I got the chance to read The Rest of the Story and it was the perfect summer read It takes place on a lake in the summer, surrounded by family It s a coming of age story for Emma Saylor who has always been neurotic and cautions about everything and it seemed to escalate after her mother died She never knew her mother s side of the family since she hadn t seen them since she visited for a week when she was four years old When Emma s summer plans fall through, she is whisked back to North Lake It s awkward and Emma feels out of place at first since it seems all of them know of her but she knows nothing about them But slowly as the days turn into weeks, Emma starts to relax She spends her time at her grandmother s helping clean the motel rooms, hanging with her cousins, getting to know the guy who was her best friend when she was a kid, Roo, and learning about her mother and the past that s been closed off to her all these years Emma came into her own as the story progressed and by the end, she had gotten the rest of the story and had her family back.Emma Saylor was wonderfully awkward and neurotic I liked how she d say what she thought most of the time Her relationship with her This was so very quintessential Sarah Dessen If you like her books, I can t imagine you won t like this one If you re not a fan, I doubt this would be the one that would make you fall in love It was a fun time, but very middle of the road. Download The Rest Of The Story Sarah Dessen Petrasrobert.eu Emma Saylor Doesn T Remember A Lot About Her Mother, Who Died When She Was Ten But She Does Remember The Stories Her Mom Told Her About The Big Lake That Went On Forever, With Cold, Clear Water And Mossy Trees At The Edges.Now It S Just Emma And Her Dad, And Life Is Good, If A Little Predictable Until Emma Is Unexpectedly Sent To Spend The Summer With Her Mother S Family Her Grandmother And Cousins She Hasn T Seen Since She Was A Little Girl.When Emma Arrives At North Lake, She Realizes There Are Actually Two Very Different Communities There Her Mother Grew Up In Working Class North Lake, While Her Dad Spent Summers In The Wealthier Lake North Resort The Time Emma Spends There, The It Starts To Feel Like She Is Divided Into Two People As Well To Her Father, She Is Emma But To Her New Family, She Is Saylor, The Name Her Mother Always Called Her.Then There S Roo, The Boy Who Was Her Very Best Friend When She Was Little Roo Holds The Key To Her Family S History, And Slowly, He Helps Her Put The Pieces Together About Her Past It S Hard Not To Get Caught Up In The Magic Of North Lake And Saylor Finds Herself Falling Under Roo S Spell As Well.For Saylor, It S Like A Whole New World Is Opening Up To Her But When It S Time To Go Back Home, Which Side Of Her Will Win Out

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Rest of the Story book, this is one of the most wanted Sarah Dessen author readers around the world.

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