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The Love Left Behind What Happens When A Man With His Heart In The Clouds Falls For One Whose Feet Are Firmly Stuck To The Ground Pilot Nick Galanos Is On A Mission To Visit The Fifty Countries His Mother Couldn T Before She Died But The Closer He Gets To His Goal, The He Worries That He Won T Have Anything To Show For It But Stamps In A Crowded Passport On A Rare Visit Back Home, He Meets A Hot Electrician With A Killer Set Of Dimples Suddenly A Future Of Shared Adventures Seems PossibleExcept For One Thing Lyall Turner S Big Brother Died In A Plane Crash He S Been Afraid Of Flying Most Of His Life, But There S No Shortage Of Destinations In Australia That Don T Require A Boarding Pass But Then He Meets Nick And Suddenly His No Biggie Phobia Stands Squarely In The Way Of A Beautiful Future Together Now He Has To Decide Whether He S Going To Let His Fear Or His Heart Take The LeadAnd Will Nick Stay Grounded While He Decides

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    A very moving novel, Daniel de Lorne s The Love Left Behind will tug at your heartstrings Yes, it s a romance, but Mr de Lorne delves deep into aspects of life, love, and relationships to which most of us can relate This is an emotional story, and I ll admit to some tears along the way, so grab a tissue, settle back, and enjoy.Both of the characters in T

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    Copy received from Netgalley for an honest reviewThe blurb caught my interest as I was flicking through Netgalley one day I did like the difference in their family dynamics and how they deal with them They really are both so different, but I think that was what fired their attraction, even when they didn t want it to.I liked the different ways they dealt with

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    The Author s Note made it sound like this was his first attempt at a fluffy romance, but good lord was this not remotely close to fluffy enough for me Also, there was zero banter and zero chemistry between the leads, which I think would be the only way to pull off the hackneyed pilot falls in love with a guy who is afraid to fly storyline Picked this up on a whim

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    This book started out a little slow but got better theI read Nick and Lyall meet when Nick needs an electrician, and they are immediately attracted to each other They go out once and hit it of, but Lyall finds out that Nick is a pilot and feels that they have no future together his brother died in a plane crash and he is terrified of not only flying but losing another

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    If you want an angsty book, that will make you ugly cry, this is the one The things these characters go through is hell, but it s also full of Hope, love and family But it s not an easy road Fears and grief cause damage and fights and it s tough to get past them to get to the love and the relationship Before he lost his mom to cancer, they made a list together of places she

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    3 3.5 stars Didn t love this one, but I d like to readby the authorThe cover for The Love Left Behind initially caught my eye and the blurb left me excited to read this story by a new to ne author I really enjoyed the premise and generally liked the characters The writing was smooth and polished with good transitions between the narrative and dialogue, so I definitely will look

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    3.25 starsABOUT THE BOOK Release Date May 4, 2019What happens when a man with his heart in the clouds falls for one whose feet are firmly stuck to the ground Pilot Nick Galanos is on a mission to visit the fifty countries his mother couldn t before she died But the closer he gets to his goal, thehe worries that he won t have anything to show for it but stamps in a crowded passport On

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    Overall, this was a sweet story, an entertaining read, with endearing characters and interesting details.I did find the beginning to be oddly paced, with both characters thinking about forever after a single date I can certainly understand seeing promise or potential after a single date, but these sentiments seemed overly dramatic Chapter 5 I ll find someone But will you He shrugged I hop

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    Read my full review at The Queer ReviewSometimes you just need to read something totally light and fluffy to lift your mood, and The Love Left Behind by Australian author Daniel de Lorne is exactly that a sugary tonic of romance and emotional drama It may be full of empty calories but that s the fun of it Have you ever watched one of those Hallmark Christmas movies The kind where a girl usuall

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    Overall I liked the story but I found the main characters under developed and the relationship seemed forced The way the author used electrical and flying metaphors respective to their professions seemed clever at first but quickly became so overdone as to be aggravating and annoying I think it is one of the main reasons why the characters lacked depth, they were only able to describe their experie

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