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Izzy & Tristan Proof copy received from Hachette Australia for an honest review, all thoughts are my own.Well, this was such an interesting and heart breaking read, truly I was absolutely immersed in the story of Izzy and Tristan, I found them both to be such refreshing narrators and Breanna as well I daresay Tristan and Izzy won t be leaving my mind any time soon This was definitely a unique take on the story of Tristan and Isolde, with Tristan being a Creole chess whizzkid, one who often finds himself at the wrath of his cousin, Marcus, who claims he loves him and has his best interests at heart Throughout this novel, Marcus was utterly awful to his cousin and honestly I still don t know why I mean, he seemed to constantly have a chip on his shoulder, but I feel like if he just sort of tried to see things as they were, as other people felt and perceived him, then things could ve turned out better for everyone Izzy, I adored throughout Such a brainac, with goals to be a doctor on her mind, her bond with her twin brother fracturing after the family moves away from everytging they ve known, and Hull said twin brother , unravelling from who he was, and just everything that she knew crumbling around her Until Tristan.Okay, I admit, their romance was totally insta lovey and for me that can really be hit or miss, but given the foreshadowing that the book started with, my heart knew it was goi Una novela literaria y ambiciosa inspirada en la leyenda de Trist n e Isolda pero ambientada en el Brooklyn actual Trist n es un genio del ajedrez que se muda a vivir con su t a a Brooklyn porque desde que muri su madre, su padre no sabe c mo llevar su crianza El chico es t mido y solitario, y se refugia en la compa a y protecci n de su primo Marcus Un chico muy popular pero que es tambi n un pandillero y vendedor de drogas que utiliza el talento en el ajedrez de Trist n para hacer apuestas en los parques y ganar dinero f cil Este fr gil equilibrio funciona entre ambos hasta que una la nica familia blanca se muda al barrio Los hijos de este matrimonio son dos gemelos Hull chico e Izzy chica Marcus desaf a a Hull a que juegue contra Trist n, y cuando Trist n le gana, Hull saca un cuchillo y l y Marcus son detenidos por la polic a Desde entonces, Marcus decide vengarse de Hull, y cuando descubre que tiene una hermana, piensa que la mejor forma ser seducirla y hacerle da o, y as hacerle tambi n da o indirectamente a Hull Pero antes de eso, Trist n conoce a Izzy y el flechazo es inmediato Son do AN INDIES INTRODUCE PICK WINTER SPRING 2019 Izzy, A Practical Minded Teen Who Intends To Become A Doctor, Isn T Happy About Her Recent Move From The Lower East Side Across The River To Brooklyn She Feels Distanced From Her Family, Especially Her Increasingly Incomprehensible Twin Brother, As Well As Her New Neighborhood And Then She Meets Tristan Tristan Is A Chess Prodigy Who Lives With His Aunt And Looks Up To His Cousin, Marcus, Who Has Watched Out For Him Over The Years When He And Izzy Meet One Fateful Night, Together They Tumble Into A Story As Old And Unstoppable As Love Itself In Debut Author Shannon Dunlap S Capable Hands, The Romance That Has Enthralled For 800 Years Is Spun New Told From Several Points Of View, Izzy Tristan Is A Love Story For The Ages And A Love Story For This Very Moment This Fast Paced Novel Is At Once A Gripping Tale Of First Love And A Sprawling Epic About The Bonds That Tie Us Together And Pull Us Apart And The Different Cultures And Tensions That Fill The Contemporary American Landscape. I have always adored the story of Tristan and Isolde and jumped for joy at the idea of a retelling but this, my loves, was not the retelling I was talking about I had so, so, so many issues with this I did not care for the story or the characters I never connected to an This had potential but it fell short for me The love story did not pull me in, which is surprising since the very first line in the prologue did and set high expectations The language used felt over the top and yet not enough to deliver a believable insta love romance.There s a plotline that involved consent lack thereof, actually that was not sufficiently addressed or resolved The way No est mal pero no me ha llenado Si os gusta la historia de Trist n e Isolda y los libros m s tradicionales, posiblemente lo disfrut is pero yo no soy mucho de ese tipo de libros y aunque ha habido cosillas que me han enganchado, hay otras muchas con las que no he conectado.Rese a 1,5 5Une romance qui d barque comme un cheveux sur la soupe et tente vainement de r crire le mythe de Tristan et Iseult dans une romance ennuyante et sans grande inter t Impossible de me connecter avec les personnages, je suis rest e spectatrice passive de leur histoire.L autrice a tent d amener la carte du racisme et de d noncer les double standard Izzy Tristian is a romance following the lives of two kids living in Brooklyn that magically fall in love the first time they see each other I loved this book because I could tell how genuine the characters were and was able to imagine how difficult their lives were becomin 5 Words Family, friendship, rivalry, tragedy, fitting in.Hi, my feels are hurting Make it stop.I have to admit that it took a while for me to get in to this story I was almost half way through and contemplating a DNF when BAM suddenly I couldn t put it down I was invested.This is a retelling of Tristan and Iseult, so I pretty much knew the basics already going in, and if you know the traditional tale then you ll know how it ends That said, it is Thank you littlebrownyoungreaders for this free review copy Izzy and Tristan is the most sought after ARC of our book club Izzy s family moves into a neighborhood nothing like their old one Tristan is trying to keep his hea

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