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Flores en el ático Esta novela narra la terrible experiencia vivida por cuatro ni os que, victimas inocentes de unas pasiones prohibidas, crecen en un l gubre encierro, aislados del mundo por una madre cruel

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    These days, I m always hearing people opine, Say what you want about Harry Potter, at least it s getting kids to read Well, you could make a very good argument that Flowers in the Attic did the same thing for a generation of pre teen girls When I was 12, everybody was sneaking this novel under the covers or behind their math books I remember a girl actual

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    I met a friend for drinks last night She came up and took one glance at the back cover to this book and her eyes widened No, she breathed Seriously Of course she recognized it from the back She read it around seventh grade I read it around seventh grade You read it around seventh grade An entire generation has this lurking in our collective adolescence.So

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    If loving the Flowers In The Attic series is wrong, then I don t want to be right.

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    Well, I read this, I guess.Strange how my entire life people have told me it s that incest book imagine my surprise when I found out that, no, it s that rape book.

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    Reread on Audio I loved the narration Have loved this book since I was a little kid Mel Reread on Audio I loved the narration Have loved this book since I was a little kid Mel

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    I read this book in grade school maybe middle school and I don t remember much except being in total awe that someone would write down such naughty things I seem to remember a scene where the grandma walks in while they re having sex and they can t stop because they are so enraptured with the experience and I remember thinking damn Sex must be awesome if it ma

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    No wonder this was so controversial Time has not diminished in shock factor, I ll tell you that It srisque even than The Thorn Birds Quintessential page turner.Cannot wait to continue reading about these freaks that are the Dollangangers

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    With the novel that put V.C Andrews on the map and set the book reading world aflutter this piece seeks to explore the darkest and most seedy side of familial interactions and the extend to which blood can blind when placed in front of an extreme moral code The Dollanganger family are living a wonderful life, two loving parents and four well behaved children Chr

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    What I call a Jerry type of book Jerry Springer in the US Jeremy Kyle in the UK Sleazy incest stories where privacy has been exchanged for fame The book has muchof an icky cringe factor than Jerry or Jeremy, where the salacious details are part of the entertainment of fifteen minutes of the tackiest, loudest and most violent people on tv I went through a Flowers

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    I know, I know this book is tawdry, it s tabloidy It s the one book I secretly coveted and acquired in my tedious pre pubescent soul searching I d lay under the covers, flashlight in hand, knees up to make a psuedo tent and I d search for the dirty parts I knew there was something naughty between these pages, something to be whispered and giggled about later on wi

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