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The Woman in the Park PDF Epub The Woman In The Park Author Teresa Sorkin Jackkellyfilm.co.uk When Manhattanite Sarah Rock Meets A Mysterious And Handsome Stranger In The Park, She Is Drawn To Him Sarah Wants To Get Away From Her Daily Routine, Her Cheating Husband And His Crazy Mistress, Her Frequent Sessions With Her Heartless Therapist, And Her Moody Children.But Nothing Is As It Seems Her Life Begins To Unravel When A Woman From The Park Goes Missing And Sarah Becomes The Prime Suspect In The Woman S Disappearance Her Lover Is Nowhere To Be Found, Her Husband Is Suspicious Of Her, And Her Therapist Is Talking To The Police With No One To Trust, Sarah Must Face Her Inner Demons And Uncover The Truth To Prove Her Innocence.A Thriller That Questions What Is Real With Its Shocking Twists, Secrets, And Lies The Woman In The Park Will Leave Readers Breathless.

About the Author: Teresa Sorkin

Teresa is a storyteller Her passion is for telling, writing and producing stories She is one of the founders of Roman Way Productions which currently has 32 projects in development, including television and film scripts and ideas Her first novel Woman in the Park, is a psychological thriller that she co authored with Tullan Holmqvist Teresa grew up in New York City and graduated with a Marke

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    Oh my, what a whirlwind of a read and so tense Sarah Rock meets a stranger in the park She needs to get away from her life and all the overwhelming baggage she is juggling right now, and this handsome fellow may be her ticket out Then, a woman goes missing in the park, and Sarah is a suspect Everyone turns on her including her husband and therapist, and now her lover is also missing I was on the edge

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    WOW let me say what a story packed in 180 pages Sarah meets a stranger in the park and her life forever changes Soon after, a woman goes missing from that same park and Sarah of course is a suspect Everyone seems to be turning on Sarah her husband, her therapist, and her lover has now disappeared.What THE HECK is going on So, many twists, turns, surprises, and bumps in this ro...

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    Bumped up to 4 since it s a debut novel by the dynamic duo Teresa Sorkin and Tullan Holmqvist The Woman in the Park is a great novella that will keep you guessing The protagonist, Sarah Rock, lives a privileged life in Manhattan with her husband and two children Sarah s children are in boarding school and her husband works intense hours, leaving her with little drive or purpose She has therapy appo

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    Where are my psychological thriller readers This is a book that you can t put done It s a fast read You an read it in one sitting You will never know that it is a debut book You will never know that two people wrote it It s one voice and a little bit of ...

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    The debut thriller from Teresa Sorkin and Tullan Holmqvist can only be described as a crazy whirlwind The Woman in the Park has tons of unexpected twists and turns You may think you are going to know what comes next but it is unlikely you will guess Our protagonist, Sarah, is in therapy dealing with a cheating husband and trying to cope with the separation of her kids who are off at boarding school We know Sa

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    4 1 2 When a woman Sarah met in the park goes missing nothing is what it seem And Sarah Rock is the prime suspect Her lover can t be found, her husband is suspicious and her therapist is talking to the police Sarah just wanted to escape her life Meeting a handsome stranger was suppose to help A dark and twisted what is real and what isn t page turner that kept me guessing what was going on For a short book it p

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    Did you ever get that feeling that you might be losing your mind I mean we ve all been there right But then you re like ehhhh noooo I m just fine Cool, calm and collected every duck in a row it s everyone ELSE who has lost their marbles I m just fine The rest of the world is bonkers.I kinda of felt a little bit like that reading this book My mind went up and down and all around and I haven t felt that bat sh t cr

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    I cannot believe this is s debut I started this book in the afternoon and had it finished by the evening after dinner I seriously was sucked in and I had to know what the heck was going on Sarah is wealthy and lives in Manhattan with her husband and two children Her children are sent to boarding school during the week and come home on the weekends Her husband is never home he s works ridiculous hours so she s left

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    I loved this psychological thriller and the only thing I would ask is that it had been longer The writing is so captivating it grabs you from the first page Loved the many twists turns of this fast suspense novella would highly recommend it to any...

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    I received this for honest review thewomaninthepark sponsored suzyapproved suzyapprovedbooktoursThank you suzyapprovedbookreviews suzyapprovedbooktours for the free copy.I read this one sitting It was so much reading I couldn t believe everything I was reading.This book has everything to Romantics, betrayal, secrets, missing person, and stoking It a must read for the year Authors did a awesome job writing It was short

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