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All the Bad Apples The Day After The Funeral All Our Mourning Clothes Hung Out On The Line Like Sleeping Bats This Will Be Really Embarrassing, I Kept Saying To My Family, When She Shows Up At The Door In A Week Or Two When Deena S Wild And Mysterious Sister Mandy Disappears Presumed Dead Her Family Are Heartbroken But Mandy Has Always Been Troubled It S Just Another Bad Thing To Happen To Deena S Family Only Deena Refuses To Believe It S True.And Then The Letters Start Arriving Letters From Mandy, Claiming That Their Family S Blighted History Is Not Just Bad Luck Or Bad Decisions But A Curse, Handed Down Through The Generations Mandy Has Gone In Search Of The Curse S Roots, And Now Deena Must Find Her What They Find Will Heal Their Family S Rotten Past Or Rip It Apart Forever.

About the Author: Moïra Fowley-Doyle

Mo ra Fowley Doyle is half French, half Irish and lives in Dublin with her husband, two daughters and two cats Mo ra s French half likes red wine and dark books in which everybody dies Her Irish half likes tea and happy endings.Mo ra spent several years at university studying vampires in young adult fiction before concentrating on writing young adult fiction with no vampires in it whatsoever Sh

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    A BOOK about FAMILY CURSE,WITCHES, BANSHEES, GHOSTS washed with magical realism, mysterious historical journey to the family ancestors stories repeated itself like living in the same Groundhog Day, taken place IN IRELAND and lots of tasty, juicy apples give you cravings What am I waiting for GIVING WITHOUT THINKING MY 5 BILLION STARS My vocabulary was limited to express how I loved this book so much because this is than a mythologi

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    I m sitting here just trying togather myself after this incredibly hard hitting powerful story This was deeply, deeply moving Like I was nearly choking on rage tears at the end there inwardly because it s so deeply about feminism, about the history of abuse and cruelty and discrimination that queer people and women have suffered forever I m seriousI was so gobsmacked This book WENT for it And holy shit, it nailed the topic this is no light

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    Idk anything about this book BUT i m willing to read this book just because of the cover,,,, hOW CAN A PERSON BE THIS BEAUTIFUL I WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND

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    There are tears in the landscape Pinpricks in the map Pain stays on in a place like this In true Moira Fowley Doyle fashion this is a stunningly written novel about women, sisters, family, friends, and about the length we go to for love It s queer, it s diverse, it s witchy, and there are mother f ing harpies It s spooky, it s feminist and it s about the strength and resilience of women in the face of their greatest historical threat men Th

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    This is what a curse does It takes a truth and twists it It punishes those who don t conform.ALL THE BAD APPLES is, to quote the author, a story that was, in part, fueled by rage I don t want to veer away from the specific history she s shed light on but for anyone who has looked around, confused and shocked and angry, about some of the abortion bills trying to be passed in the US You ll want to read this book Because Ireland had been living that life

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    ARC provided via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest reviewI fucking love this book It s easily one of my favourite reads of 2019 All the Bad Apples follows Deena, who undertakes a quest to find her missing older sister when she vanishes on her seventeenth birthday apparently in response to the Rys family curse The curse falls on the bad apples of the family Those who cannot be nice, normal girls The ones who have sex outside of marriage or who desire other wo

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    All the Bad Apples has everything you should expect from a Mo ra Fowley Doyle novel beautiful atmosphere, blurred lines between the magical and the ordinary, and queer characters At the same time, it s so much darker and angrier than usual.This felt like the bookish equivalent of a scream.You might think this is a story about a lesbian who has a very traditional catholic father and who is grappling with the consequences of her older sister s disappearance and what m

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    4.5 5 ahhhh wow

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    3.5 disappointed how this book used the d slur and not in a good way to refer to the mc before using the word lesbian and she never referred to herself as a lesbian like..please can u just have ur LESBIAN mc use the word lesbian once i begRep lesbian mc, biracial black bisexual side character, wlw li

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    TRIGGER WARNING A grandfather drugs, rapes and impregnates his teenage granddaughter It is not graphically described but it does occurI tend to come out of every Moira Fowley Doyle book angry but they re always just so damn good This is a pro choice and pro access book Let s just get that out there If you re someone who goes full even in rape, abortion shouldn t be given because it s a gift from God person, this is not a damn book for you I remember a few years ago when all of the protests and

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