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Future Card Buddyfight (FCBF: Dark Game Chronicles #3) Unfold The Dark Story Of Buddyfight Enraged By His Defeat, Jamjama Schemes To Seek His Revenge On Kageura By Sending His Subordinates To Challenge And Defeat Kageura In Order To Take Over His Body However, Kageura Won T Be That Easily Defeated In A Shocking Twist, Jamjama Possesses The Body Of A Willing Victim Someone Who Has Always Wanted To Battle Kageura The Dark Story Comes To Its Dramatic Conclusion

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    The final volume comes out of nowhere, and it shows with its rushed pace to find Jamjama before he has a chance to recover a body to fight Kageura on equal footing The art is still superb and the primary cast of characters haven t changed since the previous volume, though they skipped explaining most of the rules to the game with few exceptions Mo

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