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Law and Addiction Linda s Book Obsession Reviews Law and Addiction by Mike Papantoino, Waterside Productions, April 2019.WOW WOW Kudos to Mike Papantonio, Author of Law and Addiction A Legal Thriller for writing such a captivating, intriguing, enthralling, suspenseful, page turning, riveting, unpredictable and thought provoking novel The Genres for this novel are Legal Thriller, Suspense and Mystery and Fiction Mike Papantonio is a well known attorney that has helped fight major legal battles with high powered corporations His fictional characters and story are based on many of his court cases The author describes his dramatic cast of characters as complex, complicated, and motivated The time line of the story is set in the present and goes to the past when it pertains to the cast or events.Jake Rutlege come home from graduating law school to go to the cemetery to visit his twin brother who had died from an overdose of drugs the week before Jake notices how the town has deteriorated, and is made aware of the Opioid crisis in the area Jake is determined, as the little guy to go after the people responsible for this He partners with his former Law teacher, and another attorney to fight this.Little does Jake the dangers that await him There is corruption in Law and Addiction will not only satisfy readers who devour thrillers but also stand as a testament to how to challenge and rollback the opioid epidemic still facing the nation Read full review here Thanks to the publisher and TLC Book Tours for the free copy in exchange for my honest reviewThis was my introduction to Papantonio and I had heard nothing but great things before picking up LAW AND ADDICTION I m going to start out by saying that the author s knowledge and experience in this field is very evident I love picking up fiction that has topics that the author is well versed in or has worked in the field they re writing about That gives the book a very authentic feel.The opioid problem in the US isn t slowing down You see and cases of overdose in the news or in some cases you know someone that has overdosed I know a couple people that struggled with opioid addiction I m an avid watcher of Drugs, Inc and Intervention and it s something so prevalent in our society today When new up and coming lawyer Jake takes on the big pharmaceutical companies, he crosses paths with Deke, an incredibly successful lawyer known for suing huge Fortune 500 companies After seeing the devastation the opioid crisis has had in Oakley an area also known as Zombieland.The author takes us on a gritty and twisty ride with this legal thriller We get to see both sides of the opioid crisis in the country Jake will have to battle his way through blackmail, threats, corrupt law enforcement, kidnapping, and all while he is coming t Sometimes I get to a point where I feel bogged down in a certain genre and need a change That is when a Suspense Mystery Thriller is always my go to I feel like they make me think and help get my mind off of things than any other genre.What would you do if someone who was your other half dies and the circumstances surrounding their death just don t make sense There is a great balance between the characters, their life, and the suspense thriller aspect I loved being about The opioid crisis has been on the nation s radar in the last several years, and Mike Papantonio, a longtime and prolific trial attorney as well as author of his third novel, Law and Addiction, takes on the escalating diverted prescription drug problem in fiction form with a well researched, well documented, and entertaining thriller.Newly graduated attorney Jake Rutledge loses his twin brother to an opioid overdose When Jake returns to their small West Virginia hometown, he s surprised by how economically depressed the town is as well as how many openly addicted people reside there Jake vows to take on the companies who made it possible for his brother s easy access to pills to feed an addiction that developed after a construction site injury, and he uses the few contacts that he has to convince a few counties in West Virginia and Ohio to let him bring lawsuits against a pharmaceutical company for willingly selling too many pills to depressed communities Once successful and knowing that he can t fight these companies alone, he uses his ambition and wit to join forces with two successful and powerful attorneys who have experience in taking on large corporations, and the uphill battle is just beginning.As Jake and company s lawsuits look like they will be successful, some people become very nervous and that spells trouble Jake isn t prepared for the distance that some will go to silence him, or for the repercussions it will have on his life and future Law and Addiction is classified as a legal thriller I wouldn t categorize it as a thriller, at least not in the way that most people would expect What the book does contain is this a lawyer takes on opioid distributers to try to make them accountable for the devastations that opioids have caused throughout America, including his twin brother s overdose related death These large companies have purposely flooded small towns with a vast supply of drugs, all while knowing how addicting they are Unfortunately, even though this is a work of fiction, this story rings true for many real places A quote used in this book that sums up the opioid crisis is this Abandon all hope, ye who enter here Dante s Inferno Obviously opioid distributing companies aren t the only ones at fault Pharmaceutical companies and doctors that have financial incentives for prescribing these drugs also play a role in this national crisis The addicts themselves are responsible for their own choices, but due to companies and and doctors making these drugs easily available, they travel down a road they might not have traveled if the drugs were harder to One Week Before Jake Rutledge Is Scheduled To Graduate From Law School, He Receives The Devastating News Of The Death Of His Fraternal Twin, Blake What Makes This Death Even Terrible For Jake Is That His Brother Died Of A Drug Overdose Until Hearing Of His Death, Jake Had No Idea His Brother Was Even Using Drugs.When Jake Returns Home To Oakley, West Virginia, He Takes A Hard Look At The Circumstances Of His Brother S Death In The Five Years Jake Has Been Away For His Schooling, His Hometown Has Drastically Changed Because Of The Opioid Epidemic, And The Blight It Has Brought, Many Now Call Oakley Zombieland Jake Can See How His Town S Demise Parallels His Brother S.Undeterred, The Newly Minted Lawyer Takes On The Entrenched Powers By Filing Two Lawsuits Jake Quickly Learns What Happens When You Upset A Hornet S Nest The Young Attorney Might Be Wet Behind The Ears, But Is Sure There Is No Lawyer That Could Help Him Than Nick Deke Deketomis And His Law Firm Of Bergman Deketomis Deke Is A Legendary Lawyer When He Was Jake S Age He Was Making His Name Fighting Big Tobacco Against All Odds, Jake Gets Nick And His Firm To Sign On To His Case Before It S Too Late. Jake Rutledge is about to have his world turned upside down As a youngster growing up Jake and his twin brother Blake were close but when Jake goes off to law school Blake starts to hide the truth from his brother.After the heart breaking news that Blake has died of a drug overdose Jake returns to his home town.Soon a picture starts to form it s not just Blake who has suffered thanks to drugs..It seems like his home town is struggling to win a win addiction..it s so much bigger than Jake first assumes.What follows is a quite an emotional at times but overall powerful tale as Jake sets out to take this all the way to the top..the drug companies themselves.For me the best bit of the book has to be Jake himself, you she the events play out with different viewpoints, the lawyer and the grieving brother The plot was seamless and moving as Law and Addiction by Mike Papantonio will draw you in and hold your attention till the very last page The story is centered around Jake Rutledge, a very persistent young attorney who won t let anything stand in his way of obtaining justice for the death of his twin brother Along the way Jake teams up with a powerful plaintiff attorney who helps him navigate the complex web of corporate corruption With each turn of the page, the dynamic duo uncovers the evidence needed to build their case and brin This well researched novel provides insights into the scope and nature of the opioid crisis in America By weaving the details into a well written novel, the author takes readers behind the statistics and media hype to the people and communities who are most affected real people, the addicts and their families Even good guys can get hooked, sometimes through no fault of their own You are quickly drawn into the story and held captive, wanting to see how things play out both within the court room and in the lives of the main characters To me, the ending was a bit disappointing, I

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Mike Papantonio is a senior partner of Levin Papantonio, one of the largest plaintiffs law firms in America, that has handled thousands of cases throughout the nation involving pharmaceutical drug litigation, Florida tobacco litigation, litigation for asbestos related health damage, securities fraud actions, and other mass tort cases Pap has received dozens of multimillion dollar verdicts on b

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