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Zed BOOKS Zed Joanna Kavenna Thomashillier.co.uk From The Winner Of The Orange Award For New Writing Comes A Blistering, Satirical Novel About Life Under A Global Media And Tech Corporation That Knows Exactly What We Think, What We Want, And What We Do Before We Do One Corporation Has Made A Perfect World Based On A Perfect Algorithm Now What To Do With All These Messy People Lionel Bigman Is Dead Murdered By A Robot Guy Matthias, The Philandering Founder And CEO Of The Mega Corporation Beetle, Insists It Was Human Error But Was It Either The Predictive Algorithms Of Beetle S Supposedly Omniscient Lifechain Don T Work, Or, They Ve Been Hacked Both Scenarios Are Impossible To Imagine And Signal The End Of Beetle S Technotopia And Life As We Know It Dazzlingly Original And Darkly Comic, Zed Asks Profound Questions About Who We Are, What We Owe To One Another, And What Makes Us Human It Describes Our Moment The Ugliness And The Beauty Perfectly Kavenna Is A Prophet Who Has Seen Deeply Into The Present And Thrown Back Her Head And Laughed. Dammit Tricked by cover porn Look at that cover, it is gorgeous It has a very intriguing premise, but was let down by the execution It reads like an early draft A few rounds of revising and editing could elevate this story into a masterpiece I did read an early copy so hopefully some of the issues I had with it were resolved before release.It is a satirical look at determinism vs free will in the digital age and tech giants profiting from the subjection of humanity In the not too distant future, societies are surreptitiously controlled by a monopoly of tech giants whose tech and AI are based on the theory humans have free will but they are predictable It is a precursor to an Orwellian society as people still have a choice to opt into the Predictive Lifechain, but if they don t they are manipulated or coerced into it or shunned by society as there is no data to verify they are a trustworthy citizen Beetle is the largest and most influential of these mega corps, and its tech is deeply ingrained in society Guy Matthias, a philanthropist and CEO of Beetle, is an odious vile man who publicly believes the use of his deterministic AI platform to control the population creates a safe and stable utopia However, privately, it is a tool for him to avoid responsibility and accountability for his and the company s actions, further his political agendas and petty vendettas against anyone who disagrees with 3.5, maybe It s difficult to rate this It reminded me most of my experience with Joshua Cohen s Book of Numbers a book I hated at first, and continued to find frustrating throughout, but ended up loving, and now regard as one of the greatest novels the 21st century has yet produced There are also superficial similarities in the books plots, for example chunks of the story being focused on a powerful tech mogul I m not sure I can quite place Zed in the masterpiece category, but it s far interesting than a middling star rating might suggest.Reading between the lines, I think Zed must have been through some serious rewrites When first announced, it focused on some of the same characters, but was set in 1999 and titled Tomorrow it s since been significantly pushed back from its original release date of May 2018 Even now, a week before publication, there are noticeable differences between the blurb and the version I read For example, two of the characters referenced in the current blurb the female PM and the hacker named Gogol are onl Joanna Kavenna s Zed is a pitch dark comedy about an Orwellian future where Big Brother is not only watching but controls every aspect of society Imagine if Google merged with the NSA, CIA Facebook, and Apple, as well as owned almost every media channel and newspaper in the country This is Beetle Everything is constantly filmed, everyone is forced to wear a smartwatch that kept telling you what to do, your refrigerator tries to control what you eat, and personal assistants called Veeps an A.I comparable to a super advanced Alexa monitors you and reports everything to Beetle The dominant form of money is a cryptocurrency created and maintained by Beetle, and around 90% of the population works for the company, or a subsidiary of it If something negative were to befall the company, then the public would never hear about it Why Well, it would be a matter of national security, as the issue would have to be first treated as a potential terrorist threat And the good of society must come first, of course Keep in

About the Author: Joanna Kavenna

Joanna Kavenna is a prize winning British novelist and travel writer.Kavenna spent her childhood in Suffolk and the Midlands as well as various other parts of Britain She has also lived in the United States, France, Germany, Scandinavia and the Baltic States.These travels led to her first book, The Ice Museum, which was published in 2005 It was nominated for the Guardian First Book Award in that

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