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Awakening Bharat Mata The Rise Of The Bharatiya Janata Party BJP Was Much Than An Ordinary Electoral Phenomenon It Brought To The Fore Two Contrasting Views Of Nationhood Between Those Who Saw Modern India In Terms Of Secular Republicanism And On The Other Hand Were Those Who Sought To Blend Technological Modernity With The Country S Hindu Inheritance The Right S Ascendancy And The Debates That Accompanied It, Anticipated Many Of The Concerns That Find Reflection Today In The United States And EuropeThe Phenomenon Of Hindu Nationalism Was Also A Profound Intellectual Challenge To The Loose Left Liberal Consensus That Had Prevailed In India Since Jawaharlal Nehru Became Prime Minister In The Idea Of Hindutva And The Political Character Of The BJP Have Been Closely Scrutinised By Scholars, And The Impulse Has Been To View India S Right Wing Politics As Either A Variant Of Fascism Or Merely A Collection Of Sectarian PrejudicesIn Fact, The Inspiration For The Right In India Has Come From Multiple And Often Contradictory Sources, Including The Influence Of Individuals Such As Sarvarkar, Bankim Chandra Chatterjee, Swami Vivekananda And Sri Aurobindo, Not To Mention The Arya Samaj MovementThis Collection Is An Attempt To Showcase The Phenomenon Of Hindu Nationalism In Terms Of How It Perceives Itself Many Of The Concerns That Drive The Indian Right Are Located In The Country S Nationalist Culture In Trying To Locate Some Of The Ideas, Attitudes And Beliefs That Define The Indian Right, Awakening Bharat Mata Also Seeks To Identify The Nature Of Indian Conservatism And Identify Its Similarities And Differences With Political Thought In The WestThis Book Is Not About Hindu Nationalism In Power But As A Social And Political Movement And Its Aim Is To Encourage A Informed Understanding Of An Idea That Will Remain Relevant In Indian Life Far Beyond Victories And Defeats In Elections

About the Author: Swapan Dasgupta

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Awakening Bharat Mata book, this is one of the most wanted Swapan Dasgupta author readers around the world.

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    Awakening Bharat Mata is a collection of writings from the pioneers of the Hindu National movement, from pre independence till the Ayodhya Movement of the 90 s Swapan Dasgupta starts his book with a background to the writings, setting a political, ideological and historical background Or at least he tries to Where Mr Dasgupta fails, is by adopting an unbiased, bird s eye view while writing the narrative of

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    A necessary reading for every right leaning Indian citizen This book should also be read by people who associate intellectualism exclusively with the Left, while shunning the Right to be conservative, ineffectual and narrow minded.The book is a wholesome combination of author s POV followed by a series of historical essays speeches by Vivekananda, Savarkar, Patel, Vajpayee etc.I really liked the chapters on Shivaj

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    Read it for the included essays.

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    Book is a collection of amazing essays which cover many topics It was fun reading it Quite an educating book.

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    The seeds of modern day Hindu India were sown many decades ago And every tree which has grown from then tiny seed , now casts a forlorn shadow on this mighty nation The author presents a bipartisan view of iconic lectures and debates and leaves the reader to connect with current state of the nation From Swami to Poets From Politicians to Presidential address The book highlights some very poignant seeds of thought.

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    Extremely informative read Lays out the facts very well and provides passages from other readings and transcripts that provide a lot of insight into the political spectrum and viewpoints in India.This book was also written in a way that it was in easy to read language I recommend it to anyone interested in this topic.

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    Book is below average by Swapan Dasgupta s standards First chapter was merely reiterating very commonly known facts The second and third chapters though did have a significant content, but it felt like Swapan wrote it in one go After the three chapters, there were works from prominent Nationalists which were reproduced Though it was informative, but some of the works were plain unreadable not because of the difficult language, but because of the patheti

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    I was sceptical while picking up this book Had reservations that most of the things would have already been covered by my previous readings.But The book Turned out to be different.this is the first book which has taken the philosophical thinking of the right, conservatism has been taken appropriately Philoshoihcal thinkers like roger scruton and david Miller has been introduced to make the thinking of right evenclear The essays are beautiful and must been a pai

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    Okayish, difficult to read, bunch of essays, Swapan s PoV is not significantly included..Book is okayish in the reading In first three chapters, author set good amount of context of Right wing of India but in the later parts, it just includes bunch of essays by prominent right wingers of India I don t understand why only those essays have been selected Book lacks significant PoV of Dasgupta..Essays in book have too much poor writing style which make them arduous to rea

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    If you are on right read to understand it better If you are on left read it to understand right There are not many intellectuals on right who can deliver their thought process in english For that this book is unique and deserves space in anyone trying to understand right wing The book itself though is a tough one to read Its not lucid Its grandiloquent and arcane sometimes However with some patience and labor you will get through it Its thought provoking, reflective of eruditi

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