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The Dearly Beloved The Dearly Beloved traces two married couples whose lives become entangled when the husbands become copastors at a famed New York city congregation in the sCharles and Lily, James and Nan They meet in Greenwich Village inwhen Charles and James are jointly hired to steward the historic Third Presbyterian Church through turbulent times Their personal differences however, threaten to tear them apart Charles is destined to succeed his father as an esteemed professor of history at Harvard, until an unorthodox lecture about faith leads him to ministry How then, can he fall in love with Lily fiercely intellectual, elegantly stern after she tells him with certainty that she will never believe in God And yet, how can he not James, the youngest son in a hardscrabble Chicago family, spent much of his youth angry at his alcoholic father and avoiding his anxious mother Nan grew up in Mississippi, the devout and beloved daughter of a minister and a debutante James s escape from his desperate circumstances leads him to Nan and, despite his skepticism of hope in all its forms, her gentle, constant faith changes the course of his life In The Dearly Beloved, Cara wall reminds us of the power of the novel in its simplest, richest form bearing intimate witness to human beings grappling with their faith and falling in love, Entertainment Weekly, A as we follow these two couples through decades of love and friendship, jealousy and understanding, forgiveness and commitment Against the backdrop of turbulent changes facing the city and the church s congregation, Wall offers a poignant meditation on faith and reason, marriage and children, and the ways we find meaning in our lives The Dearly Beloved is a gorgeous, wise, and provocative novel that is destined to become a classic

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    A tremendously well done first novel Two couples whose lives will become entwined for better and worse Charles, whose faith in God is all inclusive and Lily his wife who after the loss of her parents, no longer believes Jan, a pastors daughter, whose faith is the mainstay of her life, and her husband James, who wants to change things, so becomes a p

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    This novel tackles several questions that engage me What possesses someone to be called to the ministry Can a couple with opposite beliefs find happiness We meet Charles and Lily, James and Nan, two ministers and their wives We are provided their backgrounds so that we get a true sense of what has molded them into the people they are They re not at a

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    This one sneaks up on you with its gorgeous, contemplative story which grabs hold of your mind and your heart Wow, how I loved this Love is the enjoyment of something The feeling of wanting something deeply, of wanting nothingOur love of God is not as important as our faith in God Love wanes Faith cannot One can have faith and anger, faith and hate On

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    4.5 starsBeginning in the 1960s, one of my favorite time periods, this is a story somewhat reminiscent of Crossing to Safety by Wallace Stegner We follow two couples for many decades Charles and James who co pastor a church, and their wives, Lily and Nan Charles is the deep thinker, the pastor whose strength is counseling parishioners who are strugglin

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    4.5 stars Because only in the quality of your struggle with one another will you learn anything about yourself There are some books that make you think for a moment or two and then those thoughts run off forgotten as they become just another book read There are some books, however, that keep you thinking and wondering for days, weeks, or even months aft

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here I know I m the minority for this rating, but this book did not speak to me I went into it with such high hopes because of the glowing reviews and I had heard from others I did not feel connected in anyway to the 4 main characters, I thought they were all very flat I would hav

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    The way people described this as beautiful and character driven, I was almost sure it wouldn t be for me That I would find it a slog, and be bored But instead, I find myself bereft at it being over I d describe this as glimpses of love and life and friendship and God The writing is amazing and I took photos of multiple passages The people are real and fla

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    4.5 stars A great book to kick start my 2020 book challenge This book was wonderful in that it creeps into your thoughts as you get to know the characters better, it would be easy to dismiss this book due to it s themes of god and religion but that was the power of this book, the different perspectives and the humanity of the characters making for a real a

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    This is a stunning debut novel taking place in the 1950s and 1960s featuring Charles, who has a steadfast belief in God his wife Lily, resolute in her non belief James, who joins the ministry to do worldly good and his wife Nan, devout and sweet Their lives become entangled when Charles and James are hired as co pastors at a New York City Presbyterian churc

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    This is a strong debut by Cara Wall She can definitely write Her metaphors are beautiful, and her characters are multi dimensional and complex This book felt relevant even though the story takes place in the 50s and 60s Set against the backdrop of the Civil Rights Movement and The Vietnam War, The Dearly Beloved follows two married couples, Charles and Lily,

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