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Relative Fortunes (A Julia Kydd Novel Book 1) In 1920s New York, The Price Of A Woman S Independence Can Be Exorbitant Even Fatal In 1924 Manhattan, Women S Suffrage Is Old News For Sophisticated Booklover Julia Kydd, Life S Too Short For Politics With Her Cropped Hair And Penchant For Independent Living, Julia Wants Only To Launch Her Own New Private Press But As A Woman, Julia Must Fight For What S Hers Including The Inheritance Her Estranged Half Brother, Philip, Has Challenged, Putting Her Aspirations In Jeopardy.When Her Friend S Sister, Naomi Rankin, Dies Suddenly Of An Apparent Suicide, Julia Is Shocked At The Wealthy Family S Indifference Toward The Ardent Suffragist S Death Naomi Chose Poverty And Hardship Over A Submissive Marriage And A Husband S Control Of Her Money Now, Her Death Suggests The Struggle Was Than She Could Bear.Julia, However, Is Skeptical Doubtful Of Her Suspicions, Philip Proposes A Glib Wager If Julia Can Prove Naomi Was In Fact Murdered, He Ll Drop His Claims To Her Wealth Julia Soon Discovers Naomi S Life Was As Turbulent And Enigmatic As Her Death And As She Gets Closer To The Truth, Julia Sees There S Much At Stake Than Her Inheritance

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    Author Marlowe Benn book, Relative Fortunes, is a breath of fresh air amid the countless books that hit the market on a daily basis While I hesitated, deliberating between this and a few other Kindle First books, I eventually chose this as my second choice of the month Happily, it is the better of the two reads.Ms Benn displays a wonderful talent for stringing the right w

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    I gave this three stars because for about the first half of the book I thought this book would never get going and almost stopped reading it But eventually I got caught up in the story I ll probably read future books of the series now that the probable recurring characters have been established.

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    This started slow but ended strong Full RTC 3.5 stars

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    In Relative Fortunes, we meet Julia Kydd, a woman who is just shy of 25 but wise beyond her years Julia encounters an acquaintance named Glennis who discovers her progressive sister has died..supposedly under some rather mysterious circumstances Despite Julia s hesitation, she soon becomes engrossed in a very complicated plot The book was very historically accurate it was centered around the

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    Set in Manhattan in a time of suffragists and prohibition, bootleggers and soap box orators, Julia Kydd, a bibliophile and modern woman, finds herself in a situation that requires her to solve the mystery concerning the suspicious death of her friend s sister As she delves into Naomi s life and death, she sees parallels between her situation in which her estranged brother controls her fortune, and N

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    I could not put this book down Especially at the end The characters were wonderful and even though I totally thought I knew what had happened, there were twists that I totally did not see coming I cannot wait to see what Julia gets into next

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    Relative Fortunes was my First Reads pick for July, and overall I enjoyed it The story line itself started out pretty slowly, but the intrigue and the mystery picked up significantly in the second half and I finished that bit off in a single evening There were definitely some twists and turns that kept me guessing until the very end.I think the interesting aspect of the book was actually the historical context

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    Very much a story of two halves this one One half was engrossing and atmospheric and the other was disjointed and felt very thrown together and almost bolted on to the tale First off, the good bit Julia s life has been rather charmed, admittedly she has lost both her father and her mother but she has enough wealth to live her own life and is even dabbling in her own printing imprint Capriole is very much a dabble at thi

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    Julia s a couple weeks away from turning twenty five She s been living in England for the past five years and has a married boyfriend, David, there We didn t get much background on her The info we got on her ex boyfriend was pointless and did nothing for the story I m not sure what to make of her She was likely motivated to investigate the death of Naomi so she could get her inheritance so than to find out the truth.I like he

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    This was a slow, slow, slow burn of a novel I liked Julia, she was a fun, independent, modern 192o s woman Yet, for being modern she was woefully ignorant to the women s rights movement that was happening all around her, in England and America This was slightly unbelievable to me If your character is championing her own free will, her disinterest in getting married, and her enthusiasm for starting her own company, you would think she

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