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Rafferty's Legacy Would Their Life Be Ruined By This Feud Promise Not To Have Anything To Do With Patrick Rafferty, Carl Asked Teresa, Loving Him, Wanted To Agree Yet How Could She Refuse To See Her Newly Found Uncle It Was Only Then That She Learned About The Feud That Had Plagued Their Families For Generations And She Knew That Whatever Had Been Held Against Her Family Would Inevitably Be Leveled Against HerHow Could There Be Any Future Happiness For Her And Carl I liked this book fine It was good but not great Happy Reading Amusing amnesia story where heroine is not above manipulating others by playing up or playing down her convenient memory loss There is a long and bitter generational feud that drives the protagonists apart The secondary character of the uncouth uncle was instrumental in driving a wedge between his niece and her fiance but he is not really villainous, ju I actually liked this one a lot When the story opens, the Hero and heroine are in love and celebrating at their engagement party, when they are rudely interrupted by an old man who claims to be the uncle of the heroine He is the sworn enemy of the Hero in a decades old feud started by the grandparents.The heroine has come to Australia from England and didn t know any of her relatives She s just been orphaned and was still grieving when she agreed to marry the Hero The Hero is shocked and angry and he gives her an ultimatum The heroine would have chosen to stay w her fianc as against this stranger, but, at that moment, when he turned to her, she saw no love in his eyes Knowing that her future marriage is doomed She chooses to go w her uncle.It s actually a double whammy for the poor heroine since she is still mourning her family and now she has lost her fianc She tries her best to keep house for her uncle but in the process bumps her head and gets amnesia This is key, since now it s the uncle who fills in the blanks for her and at first he makes her believe she came out to Australia to be w him, never mentioning the fianc.She starts working for a cattle auction house, where the Hero bumps into her again, and she treats him like a stranger At first he cannot believe that she has amnesia, but the heroine also starts to suspect there is to the story than her uncle has led her to believe She then forces the uncle tell h

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