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Cowboy the F Up! How to be a Real Man in Todays World. This Is An Exciting, Sometimes Humorous, Sometimes Dramatic, Colorful Motivational Self Help Memoir With Anecdotes From Dons Action Packed Life, With Analysis From A Social Psychologist Point Of View By Janet, Explaining Why So Many American Men Have Become Wimps This Book Was Written To Counter The Supposed Toxic Masculinity Crisis In America Some Women Have Been Trying To Feminize Men In America, But Dr Bendell States That Real Women Want A Real Man, Not A Wimp, A Controlling Bully, Or Sissy Real Women Want A White Knight In The Real World Many Men Have Become Confused, Trying To Figure Out How To Be A Man, Be Sensitive, Caring, And Loving But Still Encompass The Traits And Characteristics That Make A Man A Real Man

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About the Author: Don Bendell

Speaker and best selling author of 30 books with over 3 million copies in print plus a successful feature film Don just co wrote a brand new book available on Kindle and Kindle Select, soon available in print on September, 2019 A self help motivational memoir, it is entitled Cowboy the F Up How to be a Real Man in Today s World International Karate Kickboxing Ha

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