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The Loop Stranger Things meets World War Z in this heart racing conspiracy thriller as a lonely young woman teams up with a group of fellow outcasts to survive the night in a town overcome by a science experiment gone wrongTurner Falls is a small tourist town nestled in the hills of western Oregon, the kind of town you escape to for a vacation When an inexplicable outbreak rapidly develops, this idyllic town becomes the epicenter of an epidemic of violence as the teenaged children of several executives from the local biotech firm become ill and aggressively murderous Suddenly the town is on edge, and Lucy and her friends must do everything it takes just to fight through the night

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    TSK TSK TSK, SOMEONE S BEEN A BAD LITTLE CORPORATION Something disturbing has begun in Turner Falls, Oregon Home to IMTECH, a Science Biotech Corporation And it s about to get wild.Using another specie s tissue, IMTECH created a biotech like a parasite and secretly implanted it in some of the tow

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    Shit, dudeYou always look good to me She d never said anything like that before, but it was true, and he had to know that their mutual low key crush was part of what sustained their friendship And they were probably going to die soon anyway, so she figured she might as well put it out there Now give me

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    You know, if I didn t have to sleep, eat, or tend to the family during this stay at home order, I would have sat and read this one straight through This book is everything Review to come Mother Horror Blurb Cue some strange intro music like the eerie riffs from X Files or the digital notes of that synthesize

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    My thanks to Gallery Saga Press, Netgalley, and especially the author Jeremy Robert Johnson.I loved this book I had heard that this was going to be made into a series on some Netflix, Hulu or whatever I m not one who usually cares about a t.v thing However, I loved the book enough to know that if it s on Netflix o

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    Oh wow, I was not ready for 2020 And I m not just talking about all of the craziness happening in the world today I wasn t ready for all of the amazing books that 2020 has given the horror community so far It makes meandexcited for all of the amazing books that will continue to come out this year Honestly, I wouldn t be

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    A group of teens trying to survive in a town where a local biotech firm s science experiments have gone wrong Alien meets Stranger Things This sounds like a wicked good time ARC received Thank you so much, Gallery Press I m totally stoked A group of teens trying to survive in a town where a local biotech firm s science experi

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    Thank you Saga Press, Sadie Hartmann, and the Night Worms for my copy and the fun buddy read Jeremy Robert Johnson s THE LOOP is a heart stopping thrill ride that has everything you could want in a story This brilliant book is complete with conspiracy theories, a virus epidemic, biological warfare, mystery, violence, gore, realisti

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    I m only me I m right now I m here Maybe I ve lost my mind, but this feels right.I wish I d lost my mind a long time ago I thought I already knew what my favorite book of 2020 was going to be BUT THEN Jeremy Robert Johnson rolls up like, NOT SO FAST, BITCH This book, I am wrecked .The Loop was a pulse pounding, explosive thrill ride from

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    Based on the cover of this book, I had no idea what to expect And sometimes that is the first thing a reader sees But I knew that it was written by Jeremy Robert Johnson so it already had that working positively for it Reading the synopsis it gets compared as Stranger Things meets World War Z so another great thing going for it I will say, how

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    Rating 8.5 10Thanks to the publisher and author for an advance reading copy of The Loop for review consideration This did not influence my thoughts or opinions on the novel.The Loop is a white knuckle, face bashing thrill ride from the mind behind Skullcrack City and Entropy in Bloom This is weird conspiracy thriller fiction to the max, and I m all

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