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The Life That Mattered Sex Isn T Love Love Isn T Sex And Friendship Is Neither The Son Of A French Olympic Skier And A Malaysian Fashion Designer, Ronin Alexander Has Lived The Life Of A Nomad, Traveling The World To Find His Next Adventure Life Takes A Dramatic Turn When He Meets Evelyn, A Beautiful Scientist Who Owns A Bath Shop In Aspen, Colorado They Defy All The Rules Of Relationships, Falling Hard And Quickly In Love Their World Intertwines With Evelyn S Two Best Friends, The Governor And His Soon To Be Wife The Four Become Close Very CloseWhen Tragedy Strikes, Things From Their Pasts Are Unveiled Unimaginable Truths And The Grim Realization That Life Will Never Be The Same Jewel E Ann Steps Into Another Dimension With This Mind Bending Thriller, A Provocative Story That Pushes Boundaries And Tests The True Meaning Of Love

About the Author: Jewel E. Ann

Jewel is a Wall Street Journal USA Today best selling author a with a quirky sense of humor When she s not saving the planet one tree at a time, you can find her role modeling questionable behavior to her three boys, binge watching Netflix with her husband, and writing mind bending romance Her upcoming release is Fortuity, a romantic comedy Upcoming Projects Out of Love JJ Book 4 and a 2020 holiday romance Get a free book by subscribing to her newsletterSign up here

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    That s the thing about you, Evie I had no idea I was waiting for someone until you arrived It s been forever and a day since I ve felt words bubble up inside of me in a way where I need to review a book, rather than feeling obligated to do so Coasting by on books that don t give you an urgency to discuss its contents with other bookworms

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    5 SNOWY STARS I ll start from the end I M IN LOVE This story had everything that made me fell in love with reading loads of romance, humor, mystery, sexy chemistry and one PERFECT hero But In the first chapters, something happened that I didn t like I didn t understand what was it s purpose to the story so I took a break I even considered to stop

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    Down below, you will see that I was undecided and hesitant about this duet at first.Now, thanks to the information that came from my awesome friends Wil, Ceara, Mel and H lya, I have made my mind up Here is the safety information about these books.There is something akin to a threesome in Book 1 and also there is cheating in Book 2 view spoiler Well, what

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    I ve treasured each and every story from Jewel, but this story has reached up and touched the sky for me It should be a hard act to followfor any other author.But jewel will keep raising the sky it seems, like a personal challenge she sets for herself with every novel She s competing with herself story after storyAs always, Her prose is vibrant and lively It billow

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    Gaaaaaaaaah, why would you cliff hang like that Should the sequel fail to drop in 12 days, someone better tell Jewel Ann that I ll just burst into tears Yep Gaaaaaaaaah, why would you cliff hang like that Should the sequel fail to drop in 12 days, someone better tell Jewel Ann that I ll just burst into tears Yep

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    4.5 STARS ARC Generously Provided by Author Evelyn made me feelvulnerable than I ever thought humanly possible She was the beginning and the end, the mother of my children, the keeper of my heart, the reason my lungs took breaths, my absolute favorite everything Wanting her felt like an honor Needing her felt like a failure.Leave it to Jewel E Ann to write another spell binding and

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    I feel like I ve run a marathon after finishing The Life That Mattered Out of breath and high on adrenaline Jewel E Ann delivers the good stuff The angst, the suspense and the romance The main characters are Evelyn and Ronin Evelyn is best friends with Graham and Lila who s getting married That s all I m going to give away cause I don t want to spoil anything What I loved about TLTM was the

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    FAVORITE5 STARS Wow I don t know what to say, I finidhed this one and still thinking about it This is so different , this is unique, this is like nothing I have read and omg it was so addictive I loved every minute of it , so many emotions It was brilliant I was hooked from the prologue and I was so intrigued Once I start it I couldn t put it down and now I want .I went to this one blind and what a r

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    I just knew going into this story, that it was gonna wreck me This amazing author has shown me her shock factor abilities before so, I figured I was prepared for anything I was wrong though, I was not prepared for this story and I was definitely not prepared for that cliffhanger Now, I am going to keep my review as vague as possible, because this story should be read with as little spoilers as possible Just j

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    That end Ugh I need 2nd book ASAPARC kindly provided by author in exchange for an honest review The Life that Mattered 1st book Releasing February 6th Cover RevealedBLURB Sex isn t love.Love isn t sex.And friendship is neither.The Life Duet, an all new mind bending and romantic duet from Jewel E Ann is coming February 6th, and we have the gorgeous covers The Life that Mattered 1st book Releasing February 6thThe son of

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