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Holding Out for Christmas New York Times bestselling author Janet Dailey combines the beloved holiday traditions of smalltown Branding Iron, Texas, with sparkling romance She’s all he wants for Christmas Maybe even forever Conner Branch still hasn’t stopped thinking about the sultry singer he spotted on stage during last year’s Cowboy Christmas Ball So imagine his surprise when he discovers the demure kindergarten teacher who comes home for the holidays to Branding Iron, Texas, is the very same woman And once he’s up close and personal with the mesmerizing Megan, he’s downright determined to keep her by his side for good If only Conner Branch were simply the star struck cowboy she once believed him to be, Megan wouldn’t have to worry about losing everything to the rugged—and wildly romantic—rancher With Christmas in the air, it’s a little too easy to imagine spending the holidays, not to mention her whole life, wrapped in Conner’s loving arms But this songstress has hopes for a big career back in Nashville And no little holiday romance will ever get in the way of that So what’s a woman to do when she finds herself facing down a love as bold and exciting as Texas itself? Conner Branch is an exrodeo bullrider who is now a partner in a Christmas Tree Ranch in Branding Iron, TX This follows some other stories I’ve read about Conner’s partners Travis and Rush in the Ranch but it is not listed as part of a series Conner was fascinated with Lacy Leatherwood who he saw at the Cowboy Christmas Ball the previous year but he never got to make her acquaintance He’s hoping to actually meet her this year A few days prior to the ball he rescues Megan, a cute kindergarten teacher from Nashville, when her car runs off the road in a snowstorm He is entranced with Megan but still plans to seek out Lacy This is a fun story and the characters are likable and interesting I recommend this to anyone who just wants to read a happy Christmas romance I have voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from NetGalley All views expressed are only my honest opinion. What is the book about?This book is about Megan a schoolteacher and Connor the cowboy that fell for her Last Christmas Connor fell for this sultry singer that blew his pants off at the Cowboy Christmas Ball but he doesn’t know it’s Meagan the humble schoolteacher from Nashville he is in love with.What I loved about the book?I loved that the book was a Christmas time romance and the plot was so sweet and the cute part was that Megan had an alter ego She thought she wasn’t good enough as Meagan because Meagan was a school teacher I also liked the fact that her Brother Daniel had Down Syndrome because representation matters in 2020.My one concern was that the book had puppies in the cover but therere were no puppies I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley and I am voluntarily reviewing it.This was a delightful tale I adored the cast of characters This book is really the third one in the series The Christmas Tree Farm (even though it isn't noted as such) There were some parts that seems vaguely familiar but then I read a LOT!Megan is in town to spend the holidays with her family and to sing at the Cowboy Christmas Ball She is a school teacher in Nashville to help further her singing career as Miss Lacy Leatherwood Connor is a partner at the Christmas Tree Ranch and last year at the Ball fell heavily for the gorgeous, sexy singer He is so looking forward to this year's ball to see the singer again.This story is how these two characters meet and fall in love Both have a secret Megan's is her alter ego and Connor's, well he knows her secret See when Daniel, her brother, was injured, Megan sang to him while Connor drove them to the clinic How could he forget that sultry voice?The book is written in the dual POV format I adore this It is my absolute favorite format I get to see the characters' thoughts so I can fully identify with and understand the characters better.This is a sweet, clean romance that I would highly recommend to anyone of any age The only disappointment, no puppies!!!!! Especially the adorable ones on the cover. Thank you to Janet Dailey, Zebra Books for Kensington Publishing Corp and NetGalley for allowing me an Advanced Reader copy I am voluntarily reviewing and all thoughts and opinions are my own.This is the first time I have read this Author and was surprised that I hadn’t come across her work before, given the number of books in her back catalogue But after reading this novel, I’m sure that will be soon remedied The first thing that drew me to this book was the cover Seriously 7 golden retriever puppies with Christmas bows, a Christmas tree in the back of a red truck? Sign me up for this cuteness overload! (Side note people, please don’t put dogs in the back of trucks, have them inside the vehicle with you and be responsible pet owners) Interestingly, with the exception of the Christmas theme, Christmas tree, possibly the red truck, and the faithful border collie named Bucket, there are no golden retriever puppies in this story What the cover evokes though, is a Christmas feel good story that is wholesome and cute and this is exactly what this book delivers So whoever chose the cover, kudos to you, because you got the sweet feel of this story and you got people like me interested in diving into this story To quote a classic Australian movie, “The Castle”: “It’s the vibe and ah, no that’s it It’s the vibe I rest my case”The story is set in a small town in Texas, where neighbours are, well kind and neighbourly, and look out for each other It begins in December, hence the Christmas theme, and as the Hero, an champion bull rider whose career was cut short by a terrible accident, now resides and part owns with his 2 best friends, a ranch that sells Christmas trees and sleigh rides (the old fashioned jingle bell kind, I kid you not, but side note, if this Covid travel ban thing ever lifts, I’m going to research where in the world I can experience this for myself Now on the bucket list) Despite it not being marked as part of a series, this feels like it is, due to the fact that his 2 best friend/ business partners must have had previous novels in the series, because they are wifed up with some awesome Ladies who are the Judge and the Town Mayor That said, it can easily be read as a standalone and not detract from the story I didn’t feel like I lost on the experience of this story, by not having read the other’s stories first So our Hero, Connor Branch, is a good looking, former celebrity, now plays the field, dating up a storm with the town’s single ladies, without any desire to put a ring on any of their fingers Since his housemates are now partnered up, he is reevaluating his options, given he now be alone at the ranch at night with only Bucket and the horses for company.Enter stage right, the Heroine, Megan She is a school teacher in Nashville, who is coming home on early holidays to spend time with her family Her family have only been in the town for a few years Megan has many hopes and dreams that she is working towards, but at the moment is dating her Boss, who sounds like a boring but controlling stalker and whom she doesn’t seem to like all that much, except for the fact that he is a safe option Now one of the things that this story addresses extremely well, is having family members with challenges and disabilities In a way I think that this is what is the central theme of the story instead of the actual romance Megan’s mother has a MS, but is still working from home, and her younger brother Daniel, who is 24, has Downs Syndrome Throughout the story, you get the feeling that Megan’s mother who is wheel chair bound, is not only depressed but agoraphobic Despite being an artist, she hasn’t made an effort to meet anyone in the town, but stays within her studio to create her artwork She also is very controlling and to me, comes off as brusque towards her family Her desire to control her children is interesting One could argue it is fear based for her son, but to me it’s almost like she can’t control her physical illness, so she is trying to control her adult children and husband instead Megan’s father is also a school teacher, who we get the strongest feeling is barely coping under the weight of having a wife who is home bound and suffering depression and try to please her, and having an adult son with Downs Syndrome Megan’s brother Daniel is a delight He has a job which he isthan capable and good at, a girlfriend, and goals which he is working towards He doesn’t let his challenges beat him and works hard to achieve each goal Megan, herself, is suffering guilt about weighing the options of pursuing her own life and the pull of moving home to look after the family Surprisingly, it is one of Connor’s former playmates, who essentially is a desperate psycho stalker, that has probably one of the most thought provoking tragic back stories of all the characters All of these themes are handled extremely well in a very realistic way, without unnecessary padding This book is great for the Sunday afternoon escape or holiday read It’s also firmly GRated This the kind of book that you won’t mind your Grandmother discovering you reading, or your Boss finding you reading in the lunchroom or the person in the seat next to you on the train won’t give you funny looks The small Texan town, and a place that in 2020, whose residents think 30 is pushing it to get married, is literally a world away from me But that’s essentially what a good story does It takes you to a different world for the duration of the story I enjoyed the epilogue, and beyond that, I hope that Megan one day gets to achieve all of her career aspirations For all of the characters we are left with a sense of hope I think that’s why I really enjoyed it It reminded me of a classic movie from the 50s Highly recommend for you to read it for yourself Release date 29th September 2020

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