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The Last Campaign A colony on Mars becomes home to a killer conspiracy in a NearEarth Mystery by the awardwinning author of The Last Dance Brazilian investigator Rosalia Morais, and her husband, revered American spacer Nicolau Aames, are building a life together in Mars’s Maxwell City, the fastestgrowing settlement on the planet Good news: there are no natural predators Bad news: there are humans That means the crime rate is growing, tooTo ensure public safety, Rosie’s appointed by the mayor as the Red Planet’s first sheriff No sooner does she build a law enforcement squad than the biggest challenge looks to be internal Policing the police for graft and corruption is one thing But when an industrialist is found among the chars of an arson, it’s murderThe fire leads to questions that can be answered by only one man—Nick’s former officer on the EarthtoMars vessel the Aldrin And Nick is still duty bound to keep the officer’s secrets As loyalties shift, trust breaks, and the tide of a political conspiracy rises, Rosie must solve a mystery that could doom the future of humanity on Mars

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    This was a really great sequel to The Last Dance! There was plenty about the sto

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    (Review crossposted from Reanne Reads)

    This is the second book in the series, which I didn’t know when I picked it up. There are references to things that happened i

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    This book was very interesting. I didn't realize immediately that it's the 2nd book in a sequel, and that made it hard to understand the dynamic between Rosie and Nick, and Marcus. And to some extent, Anthony. I think I may have to go back and read the first book now, just to see

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    I really enjoyed this book. It was a departure from the style and premise of the first book, and could ultimately be treated as a standalone if there was a bit more backstory put into a prologue or throughout the book.

    The pace and story of this book were engaging. There co

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    As much as I enjoyed the first book in the series, I am puzzled by the second book by Martin Shoemaker entitled “The Last Campaign.” The first book was a creative sciene fiction opera set in our solar system and mostly on board a transport vessel. “The Last Campaign” uses the same m

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    Thank you to Netgalley for the opportunity to read and revies this book. The Last Campaign is more of a whodunit than scifi, even though it takes place on a recently colonized Mars. It is the second book in the series but the author does an adequate job in describing what happened previously so

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    The second book in the The Near-Earth Mysteries series. This is an exciting continuation of the characters from the first book. The events of the first book are now behind them, they are building a life for everyone in Mars’s Maxwell City when a significant situation unfolds that could end much of

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    A free copy of this book was provided to me so I could write an honest review.
    I love strong female protagonists and this novel did not disappoint.
    I love the relationship between Rosie and Nick!
    I kinda got lost in all the political manuvering.
    I was bummed that there were no Martians

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    This is from a fairly prolific author. He knows how to tell a tale. It has good pacing, interesting characters and decent dialog. There's some good mystery as well. I suspect this will fly off the virtual shelves once released. Recommended.

    Thanks very much for the ARC for review!!

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    *Thank you, NetGalley, for this ARC*

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