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The Lost Scrapbook It May Be The Defining Irony Of Our Time Just As We Are Coming To Recognize Our Shared Destiny And Necessary Interdependence, Our Culture Seems To Be Fracturing Along Every Fault Line Available To It The Lost Scrapbook Is A Novel That Passionately Captures The Contradictory Richness Of Our Historical Slot, A Time When Feelings Of Belonging And Exclusion Can Do Bitter Battle Conjuring An Unforgettable Variety Of Voices, The Book Delves Into Lives Touched By This Tension, Before It Culminates In A Confrontation Between A Trusting City And The Local Manufacturing Company That Both Sustains And Betrays It Through The Use Of A Prismatic Storytelling Form, The Lost Scrapbook Finds A Contemporary Answer To The Th Century Novel, Evoking An Entire World In All Its Richness And Diversity But By Embodying The Sense That We Can Best Understand Our World Through Witnessing The Interworkings Of Whole Communities, It Is Also Something Altogether New The Lost Scrapbook May Be The First Holistic Novel

About the Author: Evan Dara

Evan Dara is an American postmodern novelist In 1995, his first novel The Lost Scrapbook won the 12th Annual FC 2 Illinois State University National Fiction Competition judged by William T Vollmann Evan Dara currently lives in Paris.Dara s second novel, The Easy Chain, was published by Aurora Publishers in 2008.A third novel, Flee, was published by Aurora, Inc in late summer 2013.

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    i need to read this againi need to read this againi need to read this again.i can see it up there on my shelves, trapped between Songdogs A Novel and Brightness Falls and in my i should review all my favorite books, especially the ones it will be frustrating for people to track down, burst of energy, here we all are and i am wanting desperately to read this again.this book should be among the seven wonders of the modern world yes, we all love the chunne

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    A comparison to the books of the likes of Gaddis, Pynchon, McElroy, or DFW means one thing that it is a book not like any of those books And so is this Evan Dara book, The Lost Scrapbook The indication intended by such a cursedly bold comparison means only that if you don t want to read the same thing over again, but would like to read a novel, a new thing, a thing which takes the risk of failure because its design has not been vetted and proven by its forgoer

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    Evan Dara s highly ambitious, innovative and masterfully executed debut novel The Lost Scrapbook has a reputation as being woefully underexposed and underappreciated and this reviewer is here to pile onto that sentiment with several megatons of explosive praise Quietly published in 1995, this savory feast of a book drew this reviewer s associative tentacles towards such novelistic brethren as post 95 titles like Infinite Jest , The Pale King , A Naked Singularity and

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    Trash is all around us and our heads are full of trash And we wish to be not distinguishable from anyone else and we wish to hide in multitudes and to be invisible So now I move about you, civilization, like an electron amid your clamor and industry, your commonness and shared accords, I am a speck, whirling and circling, negatively charged with no measurable existence save the statistical, I am everywhere, and therefore nowhere I have now evaded notice for eight straight d

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    I don t understand what all of the parts of the book have to do with the whole, but goddamn if this isn t the most fun I ve ever had reading something that half the time I had no idea what the fuck was going on.

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    The Pomo Promoters Playbook for Getting Your Novel a Five Star Review from Tom LeClair and His Coterie1 Use multiple pages of unattributed dialogue.Tick.2 Structure a monologue as unattributed dialogue.Tick.3 Create a fragmented effect.Tick.4 Change the identity of the narrator mid sentence or at least mid paragraph.Tick.5 Cite philosophers, psychoanalysts, linguists, and anarchists who have influenced post modernism.Tick Nietzsche, Piaget, Chomsky.6 Question the validity of the concept

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    This sprawling novel is told entirely in fragments, monologues and dialogues, one line to twenty pages, often by undisclosed speakers, usually without beginning or end Their subjects vary widely as prefigured in the very first fragment of all, in which a student rejects a guidance or career counselor s demands that he narrow his vision to one ends, that he specialize as do their voices But they tend to hover in the vicinity of a few themes, civic duty, the conveyance of messages upon wil This s

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    Engaging despite an almost complete lack of characters and plot Though there is one Maybe several hundred Yes, Dara requires a patient and faithful reader But despite the challenging form, I felt the agglomerative force The first two thirds were bang on, disparate voices skillfully interwoven The final third, where there is a sustained topic, was a departure that I didn t necessarily expect This one will be with me for a while 4.64 stars.

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    Now here s a friendly little book that is notorious for being unknown and overlooked If you ve read it, you re likely the passenger of one of three channels 1 You trust William T Vollmann s judgement 2 you heard that the novel has been lumped in with the names Gaddis and Pynchon or 3 your tastes coincide with those of Steven Moore My own arrival is the result of a confluence of these channels, catalyzed by the Goodreads recommendation engine While its affinities with the likes of G Now here s a friendly litt

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    I was originally going to write this review in the maddeningly elliptical style of the book itself, but that process turned out to be way too involved And theI think about it, the less I feel like I have to say Yes, it s really good Some bits of writing are really stellar, the letters from Robin especially so And the various episodes of the first three quarters of the book touch on some really interesting socio existential stuff But the book is really sort of two novels that first th I was originally going to write

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