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ネクラートホリック [Nekrateholic] PDF Nekrateholic Author Maguro Wasabi Bandcamptomp3.co.uk Sakuya Used To Be A Fearsome High Rank Vampire Until He Fell Inlove With Atsumi Now, He S Fallen So Low That He Can T Even Drink Other People S Blood Because Only Atsumi S Blood Suits His Taste The Problem Is, Atsumi Is Not Only A Guy, But Also A Vampire Hunter Their Love Isthan Just Complicated, It S A Game Of Life And Death For Them Both I simply LOVED it OMG the drama. Necratoholic is written by one of the mangakas ofTacticsThe cover is pure steaminess, and I m surprised to find that Necratoholic also got a few laughs out of me.Sakuya is a high ranking vampire But ever since he had sex with a dhampir named Atsumi, he s lost his taste for blood It s actually muchextreme he can t even stand the sight and smell of blood Now he suckles on roses for nourishmentMeanwhile, his manservant Balaur is in a constant state of panic because his master appea Necratoholic is written by one of the ma Artwork is kinda lame

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