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A Family for Luke Luke Harris grew up without family Now, it s all he wants More so when he and his friendly dog move next door to widowed mom Janie Corbett and her three kids For the first time, he can imagine hearing the pitter patter of little feet in his own home Listening to their bedtime prayers Having a wife and children to call his own But once burned twice shy Janie won t say yes unless Luke acknowledges his troubled past With the help of one stubborn woman, three smart kids and a cherished Labrador retriever, there might be a family for Luke, after all

About the Author: Carolyne Aarsen

Carolyne Aarsen is a blessed to have sincere Christian parents and to be married to a committed Christian husband But her first love was always fiction Because of her isolation from any kind of writing group, Carolyne learned to write by trial and error and by taking correspondence courses while she and her husband were raising their four natural children and the numerous foster children that ca

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    Luke remodels houses to resell for a living and the current house he is working on it next door to a widow s house with 3 children The author does a good job of showing how overwhelmed the mother is and how tired You do start to lose patience though when she keeps trying to do everything on her own, not even having her children help Luke was a foster child who still has problems wi

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    Luke and his partner buy a house next door to widowed mom, Janie and her three children with the sole purpose to fix it up and sell it Cooper, Luke s dog is excited to see children in the yard next door and rushes over to greet them The youngest child, Autumn is frightened of the dog because of a past experience she had with a dog Janice is very protective of her children and let s Luke kn

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    Janie is running a coffee shop and raising her 3 kids after her husband divorced her and then died Luke is flipping the house next door Can he forgive his own mother for abandoning him Can Janie let someone help her

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    I love all of the Love Inspired books They are good, clean stories with biblical truths woven in the story This one was about forgiveness I would recommend all of the Love Inspired authors.

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    This series is great but always seems to be dampened by tilly She s a huge bitch and no one makes her confront her own snooty attitude.

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    Christian romance Did not know that it was part of a series when I checked this out from the library Nice self contained story.

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    The victim of a bad upbringing, Luke has always wanted a family he could rely on His mother was often absent from his life, and before CPS finally removed him from her care, he ended up feeling rejected and abandoned often than not His foster father was loving and caring and introduced him to the concepts of love, acceptance, forgiveness and a real family His foster father s death a few years ago left Luke feeling abandoned and

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    Didn t really like the main character.

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    Took me forever to finish this book Very nice, sweet, and predictable tale of a man abandoned by his mother and a woman who was a single, widowed mother of three The woman was a little unbelievable as she worked OCD ishly in her coffee shop with a nearly broken ankle To be a control freak she had her priorities all wrong Luke came off a bithmmlike a yes man just going with what the woman wanted from not fixing her roof to letting her make him l

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    down to earth characters, just like i like them to be boy, could i relate to the main female character, tho, WAY too much for my own comfort at one time, i WAS her unfortunately, in some ways, i still am 8 good uplifting story a bit too unrealistic ending, but that s just my opinion love DOES happen that fast, i know been there, done that , just isn t too often that it LEADS to that, SO quickly

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