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Slow Burn Read Slow Burn By Heather Graham Pozzessere Pocket Bikes.us After Her Husband Is Brutally Slain, Spencer Huntington Demands Answers From Her Husband S Former Partner And Best Friend, Ex Cop David Delgado Who Is Also Spencer S Ex Lover Soon, Spencer And David Are Bound By A Reluctant Partnership And Find Their Loyalties Tested By The Tortured Secrets And Desperate Schemes Of A Killer And Desires They Can T Deny.

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    Well written, believable, although different story line with very good character development The sexual tension between the two protagonists was palatable from the beginning I rated the story overall at 4.25 and assigned it a sexy rating of 4.5.This is the first book I h...

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    Really struggling to get through this book I wasn t able to connect with any of the characters They are extremely immature I especially dislike David He s very domineering and a complete jerk I only have ...

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    Better and less formulaic than some of Graham s books that I have read The setting is Florida, and the wealthy There were 3 friends, two were married, and one an outsider Then the husband is killed and widow and friend unite to figure out how the husband was murdered Love ensues.

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    I love the way this author writes.

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    very good

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    Didn t really get into this book, the author used that third person multiple point of view style that I can t stand I have other books by this author that I picked up at the thrift store already, so I ll probably read them But I won t be picking anything new up from this Author.Since I don t normally write reviews unless I have something specific to say, here s the break down of how I rate m

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    Here s a sample of the style of this book Spencer stops her husband before he leaves for a morning jog 1 page of infodump Spencer makes a statement 3 paragraphs of infodump Husband Danny responds to the statement 5 paragraphs of infodump In the next sequence David is waiting for Danny so they can jog together 4 pages of infodump David decides to go home when Danny doesn t show up 4pages of infodump An

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    liked the story but DID NOT like how it was written there were so many exclamation points in places there shouldn t have been too many unnecessary angry outbursts a lot of immaturity in the characters.

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    Not as good as the first one of hers i read Not a keeper Just ok

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    loved it

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