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Tiny Tyrant: Volume One: The Ethelbertosaurus The Tiny Tyrant Returns Bigger And Better Than Ever In Our New, Kid Friendly Format Though He Has A Handful Of Advisors, This Miniscule Monarch Is The One Who Calls The Shots Demanding To See Santa Claus To Ask If He Really Has To Eat A Balanced Diet , Testing Out His New Bodyguard By Putting A Price On His Own Head, And Rep

About the Author: Lewis Trondheim

The phenomenal Lewis Trondheim is never where you next expect him As an artist and writer, Trondheim has earned an international following as one of the most inventive, versatile, and prolific graphic authors From autobiography to adventure, from bestselling fantasy and children s books to visual essays, Trondheim s unique, seminal imagination consistently dazzles His work has won numerous awards, including the Angoul me prize for best series with McConey and he also co created the titanic fantasy epic Dungeon with Joann Sfar.He is one of the founding members of the alternative publishing house L Association, a proving ground for many of the greatest talents in European comics working today He is also the editorial director of a new imprint called Shampooing, dedicated to comics for all ages.Lewis lives in the South of France with his wife, Brigitte Findakly, and two children.

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    I put off reading this for awhile because it looked pretty lame Wrong again This just proves that age old adage that you can t judge a book by its cover I think this would be a really fun middle school book, but as an adult, I really enjoyed the humor too Good one for parents to sit and read to their kids I think The story and art mesh together fine The king i

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    Most excellent and fun short skit like tales This volume contains six stories King Ethelbert is extremely spoiled and self centered and yet one simply can t help but adoring him probably becauseoften than not, he gets his just desserts a spanking, or being blown out of the palace window A French import.

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    Review Review

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    This book was the funniest book ever

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    Obnoxious little king Ethelbert grates on me, but I guess he s supposed to I m sure this must be very popular with precocious 9 yr old boys.

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    Not in the same league as Asterix and Obelix, Tintin, or Calvin and Hobbes It is funny, but not LOL funny.

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    A copy of this book arrived at my library from First Second so I thought I d take a look at it It s cute but I guess the Tiny Tyrant didn t excite me He s bratty but humorous, at times.

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    I can understand why kids would enjoy this But where are all the parents How do all the countries run by horrible small children survive

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